Outlook 2010 – Disable the read receipt annoyance

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Do you have those friends, co-workers, or bosses, who by default request a read-receipt on every email they send? Yes, I have those immature stalkers in my life too.
Why are read receipts evil?

  1. It is an annoyance to the recipient of the email
  2. The recipient of the email can always choose to not send the read receipt
  3. If you view the email in different email client – this stalking mechanism is probably not going to work
  4. And dammit, if you need read receipts to know someone read your email, you’re an OCD control freak – and the tighter you clench your fist, the less you hold. But don’t worry, I’m CDO too, which is the same as OCD, but I like everything in alphabetical order.

SO, if you’re  an email recipient, here is how you disable the read receipts annoyance for good -

Go to Backstage (in outlook 2010), options, and look for “Never send a read receipt” under “Mail”, as shown below.

There you go! Good riddance! Don’t let the door hit your rear on the way out.

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On 7/8/2010 5:14:55 PM Josh Einstein said ..
It's also a very satisfying feeling knowing that the sender is probably sitting around waiting for a receipt that will never come.

(Please let me know on Twitter @EinsteinTech when you've read this comment.)

On 7/9/2010 4:37:54 PM Anon said ..
it was active by default in outlook2003, inactive in 2007 and active in 2010.

On 8/14/2010 7:52:08 AM Radhe said ..
This information is very useful for my development, i was tired to solve....you have done it

On 10/1/2010 10:22:37 AM Mark said ..
Yay - no more annoyance. But it is useful as it shows what kind of person they are.

On 1/4/2011 1:04:03 PM Larry said ..
Is there some other way to do this if these options are greyed out? i.e. in the registry or vbscript?

On 4/5/2011 11:53:26 AM Web Design Dan said ..
Read receipts are a pain, now my outlook is stuck with a problem trying to send 5 read receipts every time I send and receive but I can't fix it, might have to reinstall, - what a pain

On 5/10/2011 2:30:28 AM surfing-z said ..
Stuck read receipt...


Worked for me!

Make sure you make the backup of the .pst file.

On 3/16/2012 6:57:04 AM justin said ..
Your comments on read receipts being evil show me you are not very professional.

In a corporate world, it is critical to know when someone has read your email so you know when you can start expecting an answer. It is not about stalking you, or the sender being immature, stop being so paranoid :) And if you have a problem with someone seeing when you have read their email, then you obviously have something to hide...

It is also very handy in any time sensitive kind of work. You can send an email, once you know someone has read your email, you can proceed to calling then on the phone if needed.

And it often works on foreign mail clients anyway (at least Notes send out read receipts)

On 6/4/2012 1:53:49 AM StalkedPerson said ..
@justin: If it's so important, why are you sending it via email? It's fundamentally like the post, store and forward, not instant response. I get urgent text messages requesting immediate replies and it seems like their understanding of the underlying technology is broken.

I might be busy. This is nothing to do with hiding something. If you have that attitude towards your stuff, the trust is already broken.

The only people I've found who depend on this nonsense are people who are clinically OCD. I suspect this mechanism started as merely informational, but has been perverted by such people.

I do not see how this makes a person unprofessional. I will read the email when I do. If it's urgent, send it and phone me, let me know I need to drop everything else for this world-ending email, how easy is that?

On 11/20/2012 8:57:40 AM Holly Heggestad said ..
Read Receipts in Outlook 2010. I know how to turn on and off, that isn't the problem. The problem is that "Always send a receipt turns itself back on" after an hour or so. Does anyone else have this problem. I'm working with our IT section, but until I mentioned it, they didn't know it was happening.

On 11/26/2012 7:21:39 AM Jimbo said ..
Thanks for the info. This has been an annoyance for a while.

On 1/7/2013 4:30:59 PM ray said ..
Previously on Outlook 2003 on read report recipient didn't see report, now on 2010 version it asks them do u. want to send reply , ??? I don't want the person to see the read report it is only for work use to see if the person is in work on not, is there anything I can do so the recipient doesn't see it, it helps with my work x