SharePoint MVP Chat – tomorrow and day after

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Yes we’re doing it again! After two very successful chats, a number of MVPs will be online in chat style answering your SharePoint questions.

Here’s the schedule

Tuesday May 25th at 4PM PDT (join here)

  • Agnes Molnar
  • Bill English
  • Brian Farnhill
  • Bryan Phillips
  • Clayton Cobb
  • David Mann <—ask him to tell a joke, he has a great sense of humor! Also bug him about Workflows.
  • Matt McDermott
  • Paul Stork
  • Rob Bogue <—Ask him about WFs too.
  • Rob Foster <— Him and Nick Swan run a SharePoint podcast.
  • Sahil Malik <—I know him
  • Saifullah Shafiq Ahmed


Wednesday at 9AM PDT (join here)

  • Andrew Connell <— youngest MVP ever! LOL.
  • Becky Bertram
  • Bil Simser
  • Chadima Kulathilake
  • Claudio Brotto
  • Gary Lapointe <—the stsadm extensions guy, ask him about powershell
  • Darrin Bishop
  • John Ross
  • Michael Mukalian
  • Muhanad Omar
  • Randy Drisgill <—he created SP2010 starter master pages. Ask him about branding
  • Shane Young
  • Todd Bleeker
  • Zlatan Dzinic

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