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Oh yeah baby, it’s out finally!

This book is what I wanted to write for so long now, but never really got a chance to. For SharePoint 2007, I authored the SharePoint section of “Smart BI Solutions with SQL Server 2008” for MS Press. But never really got the time, to author a full book that this topic deserved. Until SharePoint 2010, we actually have a full book on this topic.

So first things first, I didn’t actually write it. My role was limited to the overall concept, the outline, the layout, completion of it, code samples, identifying what we need in here, vouching for technical accuracy, identifying authors etc. The real work was done by Srini (5 chapters), and Steve (1 chapter). So credit given where it is due. But, with that said, this is a pretty good book.

It has always been a challenge to find the superman that knows both, data ware housing concepts, and SharePoint concepts. The data ware housing concepts include basic stuff you need to know to work in the BI area such as cubes, MDX queries, etc. So chapter 1 covers that – and if you’re a hardcore DBA, feel free to skip Chapter 1. Then beyond that, we take every single SharePoint 2010 BI topic, and slice and dice it in detail. The topics we deal with are -

  • Visio Services
  • Reporting services
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • Excel Services
  • PerformancePoint Services

And in covering each of these topics, we ensure that a general layout was followed for each topic, to ensure completeness of content. We make sure we cover

  • Setup related issues and advice
  • Point and click usage
  • Code usage, i.e. extensibility using visual studio
  • and a walkthrough of the administration side of things, including powershell. (Yes, I insisted on that in being there in every chapter).

Writing a book is always a lot of work, so we hope you find it useful. And it should go very well with the other book I just reviewed, which is Microsoft ADO.NET 4, step by step.

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On 4/27/2011 9:46:31 AM Thomas Paulsen said ..

Just started reading the book, and I'm loving every minute of my journey into BI. One question though - where can I find the "resources available with this book", such as sample queries? I have the Kindle edition.