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Next week, I will be speaking at Devreach on the following topics -

Authoring custom WCF services in SharePoint

Sahil Malik, Level 400

We live in a different world today! Gone are the times when you built your webparts around postbacks! Welcome silverlight, jquery, bing maps, google maps, and many others! And there are many enhancements in SharePoint 2010 that let you build such applications, the question is which is right for you? In this session Sahil compares WCF REST Services in SharePoint, The client object model, and custom WCF services, and then dives deep into the WCF aspects of SharePoint. All code, very few slides!


Scalability and Performance of SharePoint 2010

Sahil Malik, Level 400

If there is a topic that has more misinformation than anything else, it has to be the scalability and performance aspects of SharePoint. Did you know, SharePoint 2010 has some real world, under the covers improvement that help it perform and scale better? This session involves taking a deep look under the covers into the specific improvements Microsoft has made between SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 that truly qualifies SharePoint 2010 as an enterprise scalable product. This doesn't mean the product doesn't have limits - but this session is a lot more than just limits written on a powerpoint slide. This presentation is a true under the scenes look at specific improvements!


Devreach is a premier conference, check out their very impressive speaker and sessions line up.

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