SharePoint 2010 and VS2010 Development trick – Shortcut key the Deploy

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I like VS2010 tools for SharePoint 2010. But the one thing I find annoying is that while I can build using CTRL_SHIFT_B, and the intended approach of the tools was to hit F5 to deploy, the reality is that I don’t want to attach to the browser in most instances. Popping up the browser, attaching, just takes too long.

So, instead, could I just deploy, and visit my solution the browser? Sure! But deploy requires me to take my hands off my keyboard. So I do CTRL_SHIFT_B to build, and then take my hand to the mouse, right click, deploy .. umm no!

What you need to do is, in VS2010, go to Tools->Options-> Go to Environment, and under Keyboard, look for the command Build.DeploySolution, and give it a shortcut key .. I choose CTRL_SHIFT_ALT_B. (So CTRL_SHIFT_B is for Build, and press ALT to Build). This can be seen in the screenshot below -


Great! now I can deploy right from the keyboard!

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You mean deploy. and press ALT to DEPLOY). So sad.