SharePoint 2010 Day – February 1st, 2010

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I will be conducting a full day workshop on SharePoint 2010 on February 1st 2010. A full day of SharePoint 2010 where I dive through the following topics -


  • An introduction to SharePoint 2010.
  • Developing for SharePoint 2010, familiarization with your dev environment.
  • SharePoint basics – Sites, Site Collections, and Basic features and security layout in SharePoint.
  • Developing for SharePoint, using VS2010.
  • LINQ in SharePoint 2010.
  • WebParts and Pages, details on sandbox webparts.
  • The Client Object Model, custom services, and the ADO.NET Data Services API.
  • Managing your Data in SharePoint – Lists, List Definitions, Field Types, and Content Types,Tagging and Taxonomy.

Where: Felix, Oslo
When: February 1st, 9AM to 43:0PM

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