RunAs Radio show: SharePoint 2007 challenges for the IT Pro guy

Posted on 9/6/2009 @ 4:39 AM in #Community by | Feedback | 4595 views

Richard, Greg and I got together and talked about some challenges a typical IT Pro guy runs into when working on a SharePoint 2007 project.

Look, ANY product has challenges. Before you call this as criticism of SharePoint, let me just say, I love this product and I think it brings significant value to any organization that chooses to adopt it. But, in adopting any product successfully, you have to recognize it’s challenges as well! And specifically, what are the ways around those challenges.

What we did promise early on in the show though was that we will get together again in about a month, and do a follow-up show on the various improvements in SharePoint 2010, that specifically address the challenges I point out in THIS show. More on that in about a month, but for now, here is the Runas Radio show -


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