I’ll be speaking at SharePoint Saturday – Baltimore

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Just a quick note – I’ll be speaking at SP Saturday in Baltimore on July 25th. My talk is at 940AM.

It’s Wednesday night, and I have no slides! This is going to be a zero slides talk, completely impromptu, and I am going to demo the process of building a nice UI with InfoPath forms. I will talk and walk through the various challenges I ran into, and how I got around them, and how I was able to come up with a mechanism to actually use infopath properly, and actually contribute value to my project LOL :).

Okay it aint that bad! But with InfoPath, you have to be careful of what you step into, or you end up with an unweildy inflexible way of doing things .. I hope to solve all that with what I learnt in this talk.

See you there!


- More details: http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/baltimore/default.aspx

PS: I’ll be there only for my session :(, I wanted to be there for more, but have a full day ahead of me on Saturday. So I’ll be there like in-n-out burger!

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On 7/23/2009 10:47:40 AM Rajesh said ..
Thanks Sahil. Will you be also talking abt Using Silverlight in building UI's. Your session was great on Regional D.C conference and we had a good discussion on the lunch table as well. Really looking forward to meet you on Baltimore.

On 7/23/2009 12:18:04 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Rajesh :), I've used that talk enough LOL. So no, this talk will steer clear of Silverlight.