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I have been careless and busy, so never got around to creating a release and a .wsp for spwcfsupport.codeplex.com. The project has gotten very popular, so I went ahead and created an easy to use release here -



The steps are hella simple.

1. Download the .wsp (which is the release)

2. Add the WSP and Deploy it.

3. That’ll give you a web application level feature.

4. Activate that feature on any web application, to turn that web app into a WCF host.


Thats it! See ya later!


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On 6/18/2009 6:51:02 PM Cody Self said ..
Hello, I am trying to host the solution created on http://setiabud.blogspot.com/2009/03/silverlight-30-astoria-linq-to-sql-1.html in a sharepoint site and I am having difficulty. Can you please give me some advice I if this is possible and if so so general steps on how to implement this? I have installed the Winsmarts SharePoint WCF Support and I can see the sillvelight dataform on the page , however it will not display any data and I get error on the page.

Thank You!

PS it appears your contact page is not working correctly