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It would be an understatement that my blog has been quiet lately.

Well, you are right! But it isn’t because I’ve been ignoring it. Then why have I been so quiet lately?


Frankly, because I don’t want to waste your time.


I’ve been a blogger for ~ 5 years now, and I started with blogging about all sorts of junk. I’d express my opinions on politics, dirty humor, etc. Over time, I have realized that this site is also my professional image, and I need to keep it pertinent to my professional self. I have always strived to blog about content that nobody else had at the time I blogged it. Also, I am not an expert at everything, so I need to pick my battles – which I have kept to .NET and SharePoint.


Now, SharePoint 2007 is at a point where it is quite mature. There is a tone of content available on it.


In short, I have nothing else to say. And thus, unless I have something to say, I will not waste your time by publishing a blog post that is rehash of what you can find on Google anyway.


However, watch this space closely for Office 14, and SharePoint vNext. When I can talk about that, I will. So stay tuned, and I will continue to produce only good quality articles – at least that is what I strive to do.


Thanks for tuning in.

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