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Okay, so this isn't really a "book" review, it's more of  "journal" review. But when the journal is 60 pages of what Bjorn couldn't fit in the book, and considering how much I enjoyed reading/reviewing his funny as hell book, I was thrilled to be able to see his zest for writing continue into the journal.  After reading the first issue of the journal I'll say this: the journal, just like the book is excellent. It seems that the writing style is a bit more formal than the book, perhaps because it is a different publication, I don't know. There's still a lot of funny stuff. I mean c'mon though .. can ya keep the funny bone up please!? What happened, a lawyer called?

So, the first issue deals with a solution that Bjorn created and put on CodePlex. It's a solution that shows the number of current users on a SharePoint site, using a range of SharePoint technologies like DelegateControl, CustomAction, and event handlers.
The issue goes on to explain from start to finish and step-by-step how the solution is made, touching on different aspects of SharePoint development. I got some very interesting ideas from seeing how DelegateControls can be used, not to mention a creative use of the Site Actions menu to display dynamic data. Good stuff! There's also some real deep stuff here, so it's definitely not for beginners. You should have dabbled in SharePoint development before, and you should definitely have worked with ASP.NET.

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