RunAs Radio: Podcast on SharePoint 2010

Posted on 11/5/2009 @ 1:50 PM in #Community by | Feedback | 1932 views

Last month, Richard, Greg and I got together and talked about some challenges a typical IT Pro guy runs into when working on a SharePoint 2007 project. The thing is, any good product has some challenges, and we spoke of challenges that were specifically going to be fixed in SharePoint 2010.

Well, in this new podcast :) and with the NDAs finally lifted, we can now happily talk of how those challenges are now fixed in SharePoint 2010.

Now obviously, we couldn't talk of everything interesting in SharePoint 2010, for two reasons. a) Shortage of time, and b) Focus on IT Pro for this specific podcast. But, here's the show, hope you like it :) -


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