September 1st : SharePoint 2007: Deep Dive for the Developer

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I have been INSANELY busy for the past 3 months. Every weekend, morning till evening, and every weekday, as much as I could. Why? I wanted to put together the absolute best, no prisoners taken SharePoint 2007 training course. Those who have worked with me, will attest that I have a lunatic discipline, passion and crazy obsession when I set my mind on something. Well, my mind was set on creating the absolute best course possible. and ..


.. it's done, polished, rehearsed, and ready to deliver!


I have delivered SharePoint Trainings before, and the feedback has been spectacular. Not good, .. spectacular. Now check this out, this time around, I put together every iota of the courseware bit by bit myself from ground up, and I put my heart and soul into creating a courseware that packs so much, in such an easy to digest package. Not only that, SharePoint 2007 has matured a lot with the advent of Windows 2008, IIS7, VS2008, WCF/WF/LINQ/Silverlight/.NET3.5 extensions. All those applied to SharePoint, make a massive difference.

Now, quoted from my last training announcement,

... due to my consulting commitments, I have an incredibly limited availability, so I am not doing a tonne of these. After this one, the next one might be on the other side of the globe or a few months out.

Well, indeed it was .. that was 8 months ago, and the first course delivery since then, is in Norway on September 1st followed by another on October 20th at the same location. Near in the future, the course will also be offered through Pluralsight in many locations around the world.

But being perfectly honest, I am still quite busy with consulting. So if you see an announced date .. and have a desire to attend .. don't sit on the fence.


A special message to the attendees for September 1st.

To everyone, who has registered for the delivery in Norway, a big thanks, and I guarantee, it will be much more than worth it. This will be good .. so good, I wish I could attend it as an attendee. I look forward to meeting you all, and most of all, I don't want to return without making a few good friends. So be friendly, and stay in touch :-)

Now preparation for the training ..

1. Sleep well, rest well, before the training - get at least 8 hours of sleep.
2. You need to know ASP.NET 2.0. So, if you are shaky on ASP.NET 2.0, brush up!

Below is the final, detailed outline of what to expect on Sept 1st. Let me know if there is something specific you are looking for.


SharePoint 2007: Deep Dive for the developer

Short Description

This course teaches an ASP.NET 2.0 developer all they need to know about developing in a SharePoint 2007 environment productively.


SharePoint 2007 is built on ASP.NET 2.0. Since it's release, there have been numerous changes in it's supporting environment. With the advent of .NET 3.5, Windows 2008, and IIS7, SharePoint has become even more compelling. In this course, you will learn the basics of SharePoint, and also it's application to both newer and older technologies. At the end of this course, you will be able to judiciously pick the right set of technologies with SharePoint to support your project, and deliver it successfully. Expect plenty of practical insight, hands-on tools, and exercises.

Pre Requisites

Experience in C# and ASP.NET 2.0 is required.


Day 1

·         Introductions

o    Class Introductions, basics and expectations.

o    Getting familiarized with your development environment

o    The basic SharePoint administration every developer needs to know

·         SharePoint Basics

o    SharePoint under the covers

o    SharePoint security

o    Using SharePoint - Sites and Site Collections

o    Getting familiarized with Central Administration

·         Writing your first feature & solution

o    SharePoint object model basics

o    Writing your first feature

o    Writing your first solution

o    Features vs. Solutions

o    Deployment best practices

·         WCF In SharePoint

o    A crash course on WCF basics

o    Writing your first WCF Project

o    Hosting WCF apps

o    Turning SharePoint into a WCF host

o    Demonstration of Significant SharePoint customizations in a maintainable manner


Day 2

·         Web Pages in SharePoint

o    Familiarization with content databases

o    SharePoint architecture for Web Pages

o    Deploying and maintaining Content database pages

o    Deploying and maintaining Physical file system pages

o    Security ramifications

o    Deployment best practices

·         WebParts in SharePoint

o    The ASPNET 2.0 WebPart framework - basics

o    The ASPNET 2.0 WebPart framework - advanced

o    WebParts in SharePoint

o    Deploying and testing webparts in SharePoint

o    Maintainability of your SharePoint webpart features

o    Editors, Connections and other such topics

·         CAML

o    Digging for data in SharePoint

o    CAML Basics

o    CAML with LINQ

·         WCF Bindings in SharePoint

o    Why different bindings make sense in SharePoint

o    Compatibility with out of the box ASMXs

o    WCF with AJAX and Silverlight

o    Applying WCF, AJAX, Silverlight to SharePoint

o    Scenarios where the thin .NET 3.5 model makes sense in SharePoint


Day 3

·         Silverlight in SharePoint

o    Silverlight basics

o    Developing for Silverlight - outside of SharePoint

o    SharePoint Silverlight support

o    Silverlight with WCF with SharePoint Search

·         Managing your Data in SharePoint

o    Site Columns

o    Content Types

o    Lists, Document Libraries, Sites and Site Collections

o    Extending SharePoint - AJAX and Silverlight site columns

o    Event Receivers on Lists


Day 4

·         Search in SharePoint

o    Setting up Search on your machine

o    Search advanced scenarios, scopes and other settings

o    Search programmers deep dive

·         InfoPath

o     An introduction to InfoPath 2007

o     InfoPath without SharePoint

o     InfoPath in various hosts

o     InfoPath in document libraries

o     InfoPath with Forms Services

o     InfoPath as document information panels

o     InfoPath programmability

·         Workflows

o    Workflow Basics in SharePoint - through the browser and sharepoint designer

o    Workflows in VS2005 and 2008

o    Authoring and deploying Workflows

o    Authoring complex workflows with input forms and logic paths

·         User Profiles and My Sites

o    User Profile deep dive

o    Behind the scenes user profiles information flow and sharepoint jobs and services

o    Customizing MySites and maintaining user profiles

o    Feature Stapling

·         MOSS as a WCM

o    Branding MOSS

o    Zones, Authentication, AAMs, and other Configuration

o    The Publishing Template

o    Publishing new layouts, pages, and running reports


Day 5

·         BDC: The Business Data Catalog

o    Introduction to BDC

o    BDC, and customizing SharePoint single sign on

o    BDC in WebParts

o    BDC in lists

o    BDC in search

o    BDC in custom code

o    BDC in user profiles

o    BDC Limitations

·         SharePoint Security

o    ASPNET Security and SharePoint security

o    Elevation and Impersonation. What are user tokens?

o    Secure and insecure code, browsing security information

o    Advanced security topics, integration with RSA and SiteMinder etc.

·         Excel Services

o    The OpenXML formats

o    Generation and creation of xlsx, and docx

o    Excel Services - as a BI Front end, simple scenarios

o    Excel Services - as a BI Front end, advanced scenarios

o    Excel Services API

o    Excel Services with WCF

·         SQL Server reporting services with SharePoint

o    Introduction - what is new in SQL Server 2008

o    SSRS 2008 - Native Mode

o    SSRS 2008 - SharePoint Mode


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On 8/21/2008 6:22:13 AM Frode said ..
Hi Sahil,

This looks awesome! I'm already signed up for the Sept. 1st course and I really look forward to it!

Speak soon!



On 8/21/2008 7:21:44 AM Sahil Malik said ..
Looking forward to seeing you Frode :)


On 8/27/2008 10:56:39 PM John said ..
Hello Sahil,

Any plans of conducting a training course in Asia? Specifically in South East Asia?


On 8/28/2008 7:12:33 AM Sahil Malik said ..
John - Can you send me a message from the, and I can probably comment better on training in