A very useful batch file for development

Posted on 7/5/2008 @ 1:31 PM in #SharePoint by | Feedback | 3101 views

This is so trivial, it is almost silly. Yet, I see developers during development go through central admin to recreate their base blank template based site over and over again, thus loosing precious developer minutes.

Instead, create a batch file called "resetport80.cmd", and put the following in it -

stsadm -o deletesite -url http://smw2k8
stsadm -o createsite -url http://smw2k8 -owneremail administrator@w2k8 -ownerlogin SMW2k8\administrator -title Test -sitetemplate STS#1

Now, just run the above, everytime you need a new site! Save ya 5 mins @least few times day. w00t! :-).

(Note: The above is tuned for a developer VM, which IMO should not have a domain)

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