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Usually, whenever I have wished for stuff on my blog, it comes true. (As long as I don't go nuts asking for a free ferrari or crap like that).

So, here is my wish -

It would be hella nice if iTunes could become my TIVO for Internet radio stations.

Basically, I choose what radio stations I like, maybe even a pay model, and my computer records stuff for me, and at night when I drop my phone into the charger, the recorded radio station synchs back for my listening pleasure next day.

Now that would be hella nice.

Currently listening to: radioAmbient  <-- 128K broadband only!

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On 6/17/2008 12:30:08 PM Geoff Van Brunt said ..
Hate to rain on your parade, but iTunes sucks. :) Try JR MediaCenter:

Does everything you've blogged about for the last couple of years, and more.


Everything iTunes does

iPod sync (and other handhelds)

programming api

web interface

uPnP devices (think xbox, d-link devices etc)

GOOD SUPPORT (thats a rare one)

Frequent fixes and updates

Also handles videos and pictures




On 6/17/2008 2:39:20 PM Sahil Malik said ..

I have my own set of annoyances with iTunes. For one, I find it hella annoying that sometimes it's screen won't refresh until you click on it. Even then, sometimes it gets unresponsive - like it was written using 8bit code.

But, I absolutely adore my iPhone, and I love the fact that I don't have to peice together a solution. Everything I need to synch to my iPhone, just works. And unlike activestink - it's never bombed on me - not even once!

So, I put up with iTunes.


On 6/18/2008 9:42:47 AM Geoff Van Brunt said ..
BTW I'm not affaliated with J River in any way, I just like their product. I've tried MANY other options, even a few I paid for. Nothing else comes close. I just like reading your blog and thought I would pass it along. What have you got to lose by trying it? :)

I looked in the forums and found this:

It looks like they've only added basic support so far, but it does work with a few work arounds. You might want to try it out anyway. The crash and undock problems have also been fixed (found in another thread) so the bug list is out of date.

Also I found this:

iPhone 2.0 software should work seemlessly. Then you have no excuse... :)

On 6/18/2008 12:47:32 PM Geoff Van Brunt said ..
Oh, I forgot to mention. I use it to sync my iPod and I found it more reliable than iTunes. Never locks up, refuses to eject etc...

So if iPhone support gets better, it should be seemless for you.

On 6/18/2008 1:07:02 PM Sahil Malik said ..
I certainly hope so Geoff. Or else I could just buy a Mac for the music. LOL