MVP Summit 2008 - Complete

Posted on 4/22/2008 @ 7:37 AM in #SharePoint by | Feedback | 2590 views

I want to thank the MVP management, and the SharePoint product team for hosting such an awesome event. I was there for just 2 days (Tue and Wed), but arguably, I picked out the nuggets I was looking for in that time. I can't tell you how much of a rewarding experience it is to sit around with such over accomplished people on the same table.

As Lawrence mentioned, SharePoint MVPs know how to have fun and give constructive feedback, I'd like to share a picture with you of a dinner graciously hosted by Brad Smith of Black Blade, Bob Fox, and Eric Shupps.

Here is a picture of me, with my mouth full of food (chee thanks Lawrence!)

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Whew! Back to work now. Hamster on the wheel.

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