Foldershare = Diskspace hog!

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Okay first of all, I love foldershare! I cannot imagine life without it.

But, on one of my laptops, with a 160G HDD, I had about

  • 50GB of VMs,
  • 10G of Windows
  • 10G of program files
  • 5G of documents/work etc.


You add all those up together, and ou have about 70-80GB of space filled. But, my HDD was showing almost completely full!!

First, I thought it was Windows Vista previous versions. So I cleaned out all previous versions, and I gained 800KB (don't laugh).

I just could not figure out, where all thid disk space was?

So, I wrote a little program to iterate through all dirs on my system, and show me disk usage of the biggest pigs.


At an obscure location of C:\Users\Sahil Malik\AppData\Local\FolderShare\trash, that "trash" dir, was eating up about 40 gigs of space.


Whew, how emancipating. Now half my HDD is free, and I'm running defrag.


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On 4/6/2008 3:38:34 PM Ethan said ..
You should check out WinDirStat. It does the same thing as the little program you wrote, but with really cool pac-man graphics, sorting ability, and you can delete the pigs right there in the program. Good deal for a free program, huh?

On 4/6/2008 3:42:09 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Y'know I remember there used to be such a program .. but then I had forgotten which one was it :).

Thanks for pointing out .. I'll do that on my desktop.