SharePoint User Group - Sofia, Bulgaria Nov 26th, Wednesday

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Guys, big news --> Sofia, Bulgaria is getting it's very first SharePoint user group. The site is, (yes I know nothing there, but it will be soon).

Martin Kulov was kind enough to invite me to be the first speaker at the user group.

Here are the details of the talk:

Title and Description --->

Get Rich Quick! Creating Rich UIs in SharePoint

Not your wallet silly! I am talking about creating Rich UIs. Writing rich UIs is becoming more and more necessary as users are beginning to expect and demand more out of new browsers, and powerful computers. So why should such innovation be limited in SharePoint? It isn't! But there are multiple ways to provide a rich user interface within SharePoint. In this session Sahil shows you a .NET 2.0 versus .NET 3.5 way of providing rich UIs, and compares the two and shows the specific pros and cons in a SharePoint light.

This is the same talk I presented at the recent best practices conference in Washington DC. It was a full room and per the feedback ratings it was very well received, so anyone who attended the talk, please feel free to comment below.

Other details -

When: Wednesday Evening, November 26th
Where: Somewhere in Sofia, Bulgaria .. keep watching, and this blogpost for further details.
Price of admission: It's a user group, so as it should be, it is free.

Okay seriously, this is a free event - you should totally attend!

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