iPod: The beating goes on!!

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My first iPod was a 3rd gen. I was pretty damn happy with it, and I ended up selling that to someone I know. Anyway, that finally went bad. My second iPod was a 4th gen - 40 gig. I think I paid close to 500$ for it, and when I bought it, I thought it was an impulse purchase bla bla .. ! Well, I think I got my use out of it, I totally loved having it for the longest of the time. Until recently, I dropped the damn thing and the HDD went bad. Great!! You see, travelling is tough. In general, all your stuff is going to get a more severe wear and tear if you travel.

So, I've been Mp3 player-less for about the last 2 months now. I have been eyeing the iRiver clix + iRiver S10, but couldn't make up my mind. I think I was leaning towards the iRiver S10 because it was tiny, but I liked the fact that a nano could be clipped on to ya! I definitely wanted a flash based player this time around since flash based players don't go bad (like HDD based players do). Anyway, I really didn't want to reinstall iTunes, but what was the choice? Media player? Media Center? iRiver's concoction? Zune's software? They are all vomit inducing badly written peices of shitty software.

So, as much as I dislike terroristware iTunes, I wanted to wait and see what Apple had to offer.

Ladies and gentlemen, I've placed an order for, and should have in my hands soon enough, the new iPod Touch/16GB. w00t!


It totally crushed my balls at $399, but thats okay. You see, I'm the kind of guy, who looks at his 15 year old pictures in India, and says "DAMN! I'm still wearing the same shirt!!". (Actually even right now, I am wearing a 20 year old shirt that I inherited from my dad, and it still looks brand new). I don't loose/break things too often, I have never lost keys, broken glasses etc., so I don't mind buying expensive stuff, because I know when you will be on iPod gen 94892, I'll probably still be using this guy here. Also, I know 16GB isn't enough for some people, but I think if you can't find anything to listen in 8000 songs, the problem isn't your MP3 player.

The real challenge however was, picking between the iPod touch (16GB) or iPhone (8GB) which are both the same price now.

Well, to answer that question, I am sitting a high speed train, writing this blogpost, moving at around 150mph, happily online at very reliable and very decent speeds, happily online using my Verizon XV6700 running Windows Mobile 6, and totally lovin' life.



Now you can't do that with an iPhone + AT&T, can ya!! :-) . Oh wait, you can barely old a call on the ATT network. Oh man, I pity the irrational mac fanboys!

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On 9/7/2007 1:58:08 PM Rob Garrett said ..
I am so gonna get myself a new IPOD touch, mine 40 giger is having power issues.

Like you I agree that HDD is a risk, not long ago my IPOD contracted "bad sector-itis", but I was able to fix it with some rest and hot soup (not literally). 16GB is prolly gonna work for me as I have not setup iTunes to only store "favorite" music on my IPOD, not my entire 100GB music collection.

I used my WM6 (WM5 at the time) XV6700 on the train from DC to NYC and was connected for the entire journey. Meanwhile my travelling partner was getting frustrated because his AT&T phone would not hold a connection and was very slow - can you hear me know? yes a friggin can coz I use VZW.

On 9/7/2007 5:14:14 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Okay, there is no point storing your entire music collection on a portable device. Browsing through is extremely ardous anyway. What I intend on doing is -

a) Store only favorites, not entire albums.

b) Not have any duplicates.

c) Build an iPod playlist over time.

BTW - I am convinced that iPhone is not what I want. You can't beat WM6's business usage, and extensibility. I just learnt this morning that google maps on iPhone don't even do traffic. WTF - why bother!


On 9/21/2007 10:00:28 AM Becky Isserman said ..
I still have my generation 4 ipod from when I was a Junior in college and it's at around 12gb of music. That looks so awesome and I really want it, but I should not waste the money. *Must Resist*

On 9/21/2007 10:04:36 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Becky - actually, I cancelled my touch order.

And got an iPhone instead :)