Am I buying an iPhone? - Fix these drawbacks first!

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Few days back, I asked the Question "Are you buying an iPhone".

Now that I've had a chance to actually check it out in person, play with it a bit, here are my impressions.

First off, the phone is nothing like I have ever seen before. The graphics are amazing, the form factor is amazing, and the attention to detail is incredible. Sorry to say, but it makes my Verizon XV6700 look like a soviet era phone. I like it, and I'd spend $600 on it, except, it wasn't for the following significant drawbacks -

  1. Email UI: I get a massive number of emails a day. Deleting every email one by one? Seriously apple, what were you thinking. There MUST be a way to multiselect and delete.
  2. 3G vs Edge: I think I'll wait for my current contract to run out and then look into getting an edge based iPhone at a later date.
  3. No copy paste?: Okay, another one of "What were they thinking!".
  4. ActiveSync with Exchange: I know, sounds crazy, but IMAP/POP3 ain't real email. Especially because IMAP feels unreliable, it is pull based, and POP3 requires me to delete/mark read my emails 2 times.
  5. Dim the screen when not in use: Another one of "What were they thinking". I hear if you leave the screen on, it stays ON. (And the battery dies).
  6. A bit more focus on the phone: The UI should have basic things like "Ignore this call", "Call duration" etc. In other UI annoyance, a "." character added to the main keyboard would be nice. Oh and how about "Voice Dialling"? Heck even a cheapo phone has voicedial.

The above IMO are show-stoppers. Sure there are other things I'd rather see as well, but other issues aren't show stoppers. The above 6 are!

But anyway, I must say, all in all, I am impressed by the iPhone. I think, I am going to wait and let my current contract run out. I am hoping by then the above issues are resolved.

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On 7/6/2007 11:01:17 AM Bill said ..
If you want one, you can buy mine at a discount. I bought a Dash two weeks ago and like a moron, bought an iphone too. I'm not an IPod user so that didn't do much for me. And overall, I couldn't be less impressed. My Windows Mobile 6.0 Dash is 100000 times cooler.

On 7/6/2007 11:34:16 AM Ernst Kuschke (C# MVP) said ..
Yo Sahil, there are even more drawbacks. (I listed mine here [1])

I will also wait for next year to get V2.0.

1 -

On 7/6/2007 11:35:58 AM Ernst Kuschke (C# MVP) said ..
I listed my drawbacks to the iPhone here:

I agree - I think waiting for the next version is the best move.