A side effect of specialization

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This has been bothering me, so I need to get it off my chest.

A while back, Rocky posted a thought provoking peice. Basically he hypothesized that the IT industry is becoming very much like the medical industry. Way too many specialists that may or may not talk well with each other. A generalist just doesn't cut it anymore.

I definitely agreed with him. But I posted a spin on it arguing that this is good for techies and the guys that understand technology.

But there is yet another side of the equation. That is the clients. Picture it this way, now you need to hire 3 specialists to do what a generalist could achieve 5 years ago. Not only are the specialists more expensive, but this has the following side effects.

Clients end up paying a lot more for the same software. Okay maybe the latest system uses Biztalk 2006, Commerce Server 2006 and SharePoint 2007 - BUT - It is solving literally the same problem as it did 5 years ago.

Consulting companies are under a constant pressure to create unachievable crazy project schedules. Because if they don't do it, the other consulting company will take the project away with yet another unachievable schedule.

Consultants find themselves spending a huge amount of time that was never budgeted in the project plan, and this doesn't even begin to take into account all the time spent learning all those fancy new technologies.

So clients wanna pay less, consulting companies want to deliver in less, and if a system does get delivered .. guess who gets screwed.

                YOU !!

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