Ed Hild & Susie Adams: Pro SharePoint Solution Development

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Okay, so Ed & Susie are getting around the very end of his book. I was lucky enough to be able to review it.

Ed has blogged about this book on his blog also, complete with a full Table of Contents.

Earlier this year, I posted a glowing review of another SharePoint book I was on the review team of. Lemme tell ya, Scot Hillier's book is an amazing introduction to SharePoint. It literally covers every single topic in very few pages. So while it is a fantastic introduction, it is exactly that - "An Introduction". It is still an awesome book, but SharePoint is such a HUGE topic, that an introduction is probably not all you need.

Ed works in Reston, VA and he did the majority of the heavy lifting on this book. Susie contributed to the Infopath related chapters towards the end of the book (#13 and #14). I am geographically not too far away from Ed, and Ed is on my MSN Messenger. So hopefully Ed won't get too pissed off at me at spilling some beans about his work out of this book.

Ed works for Microsoft. To be specific, he works as a Technology Architect at the Reston, Microsoft Technology Center. With Microsoft, he interacts with a number of clients with very serious sharepoint installations. This puts him in the unique situation of being able to muster up the practical experience from a number of clients. Practical experience from a number of clients, and deep knowledge of the office platform, is what is the driving force behind this book.

This is one of the most different books I have seen lately. This isn't a "Lets learn Sharepoint 2007" book. This book is, "Let us learn to apply SharePoint". This is a book aimed towards a techie guy. Every single chapter describes a real world problem, and then breaks the problem down into "How Ed/Susie would solve it". Ed/Susie break down the problem into smaller peices, and discuss their proposed solution with you, the reader, and then walk you through the implementation of that solution down to the very last bit of code.

Yes, you read that right, each chapter is an end-to-end walkthrough of a very very practical problem. And nothing teaches like experience.

I put this book on the "must read" list of any one developing on the office platform. But pick this book after you have some knowledge of the Office development environment.

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