Windows Vista Trick #2

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The more I use Windows Vista, the more I like it.

I do notice however, that it is indeed a "heavier" operating system than Windows 2003 was. My page file is consistently above 500K, inspite of keeping everything running on barebones minimum processes. The security prompt dialogboxes that this Mac ad makes fun of, are not such a big deal afterall. After normal usage, (beyond installations), my Vista machines very rarely prompts with the UAC dialogbox anymore. In fact, I agree with Joanna's assessment on this,

quote -

Many people complain about UAC, saying that it’s very annoying for them to see UAC consent dialog box to appear every few minutes or so, and claim that this will discourage users from using this mechanism at all (and yes, there’s an option to disable UAC). I strongly disagree with such opinion - I’ve been running Vista more then a month now and, besides the first few days when I was installing various applications, I now do not see UAC prompt more then 1-2 times per day. So, I really wonder what those people are doing that they see UAC constantly appearing every other minute…

- end quote.

Anyway, here is a quick and nifty Windows Vista Trick.

I use a lot of tools to do my work. Frequently, I find myself running a specific tool over and over again, example "Reflector".

The problem is, reflector doesn't come with an installer, so it doesn't create links to the exe all over my system. Actually, I like that - I don't want installations to create a shortcut on the desktop, quicklaunch, start menu - uggh! In fact, I am much much much happier, if I CTRL_C, CTRL_V a program into a directory - and it just works. Reflector does that, it is a perfect CTRL_C/CTRL_V deployment program - in fact, it is shockingly well written.

But now, on Vista, in order to run reflector, I have to do,

- type in "C:\MyDirectory\DotNetTools\Reflector\Reflector.exe",

Wouldn't it be nice if I could just type in "Reflector" and BINGO, the OS just finds it and runs it for me?

Here's how you do it.

1. Start typing the full path to reflector, "C:\MyDirectory\DotNetTools\Reflector\", Windows Vista will filter out the list of items that match your criterion as shown below.

2. Now, right click on the reflector icon, and choose "Pin to Start Menu". You would note that this will cause reflector to appear right beside IE and Outlook (or your Internet browser, or mail program).

3. Now, hit the Vista Pearl Start button again, and right click on the "Pinned" icon towards the top of the menu, and choose "Unpin from start menu" (yeah seriously!).

4. Great, now pretend you are in the middle of a coding jam. Hit the Windows Vista Start Pearl, and type in "Reflector" - BINGO - Vista finds it ! :-)


Nice time saver huh?

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On 2/19/2007 1:50:22 AM Jesper Hauge said ..
Maybe this is more straightforward:

1. Right Click Windows button i task bar -> click Open

2. Create folder for shortcuts, mine is called commands.

3. Create shortcuts in this folder for items you want to add to the Start menu Quick search

Personally I've added Reflector, Notepad2 to my Quick search this way but a little creativity also gave me:

NewMail: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE" /c ipm.note

NewAppointment: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE" /c ipm.appointment

NewTask: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE" /c ipm.task

Restart: C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -r -t 00

Shutdown: C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 00

NewsReader: "C:\Program Files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe"

ServerDesktop: C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe /v:ServerName /f

ServerSSH: C:\Utilities\Putty\putty.exe ServerName

You can do so much with commandlines :)