I just love Windows Live Writer

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I use Windows Live Writer to author most of my blogposts. It is so darned convenient. I type in a very very Wysiwyg fashion, it makes blogging so much easier, and so much fun. My site, runs on a blog engine, I have written (modified Shanku Niyogi's blog starter kit). Incorporating Windows Live Writer was a peice of cake - I highly recommend you do it too.

I just posted a blogpost on WPF DataBinding, here is how it looked, right before I hit "Publish".

Now, Live writer is still beta, and there are still a few imperfections, but I really really hope MSFT works on 'em and fixes 'em out.

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On 2/8/2007 12:21:23 PM Arnaud Weil said ..
Oh yes, it's just darn good! It saves me a lot of time everytime, I do love it as much as you do!

One interesting thing is that it's written using .net: http://arnaudweil.blogspot.com/2007/01/windows-live-writer.html

Another thing I love from it is that it helps me a lot when posting both in french and english: I write in french, hit "publish", change the blog in the upper right combo, translate and hit "publish" again.

Thanks for sharing it, I just love when the bloggers I read tell what they use to get up to speed (and try to do the same...).

On 2/8/2007 3:08:57 PM Joe Ocampo said ..
Have you tried using Word 2007's blogging feature yet? That is in a production state and seems to do everything Writer does.

On 2/8/2007 7:38:05 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Arnaud - wow writing everything over twice. You must have the patience of a saint :)

Joe -

I can use Word 2007 on my blog as well. I used to use Word 2007 earlier, but I find live writer more apt for the job. It does a better job with images, and it gives me a live preview.


On 2/22/2007 11:21:34 PM Glenn Santos said ..
Just wonering is Windows Live Writer free?

On 2/23/2007 11:14:30 AM Sahil Malik said ..
Free as fresh air and sunlight.

On 3/5/2007 11:25:51 AM Arnaud Weil said ..
Indeed, it requires some patience. Taking a deep breath of fresh air before writing any article, because I'll need to write it twice. And knowing that english-speakers will laugh at my mistakes... ;-) But so far so good, how could I expect more than a few percentage of the world's population to speak french anyway?

On 3/5/2007 12:16:32 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Arnaud here is a suggestion to have more english speaking folks start speaking french -

Start a "Learn French" blog, and talk only about hot sex. :)