Hi, I'm a PC, and you're just a liar!!

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I have no problems criticizing, or praising what deserves criticism or praise respectively. I have praised, and criticized, Apple, Microsoft and Google. But beyond criticism, I have a problem with the Apple ads. These ads, are plain lies. Nothing, but plain lies and misleading of the consumer. So, in the spirit of an honest second look, I decided the peice each one of those ads, one by one, and try and bring the truth out.

Here goes -

1. The "Better Results" ad

This ad claims that iMovie produces better quality home movies than a PC does.

iMovie, is a part of iLife, which costs $79 to buy. It comes with five apple-designed iMovie themes, real time effects, cinematic real-time titling, enhanced audio tools and effects, multiple open projects, video podcasts, and a refined look based on iTunes.

Okay, so, another software I have used on PC, called Camtasia, does all of the above and more. In fact, camtasia thankfully avoids iTunes ugly look. Moreover, Windows Vista, and Windows XP came with movei makers built-in for free. Mac Fanboys will argue that XP movie maker was not as good as iMovie. I think I agree. But a movie making software, isn't just about the UI that lets you make the movie. To some extent it is, but to a greater extent it is the codec, and the creative genius of the person authoring the movie. So I did a little research into Quicktime versus WMV. I found a very objective review of both. which seems to rate both Quicktime and WMVs at par. However, if you do consider the fact that PCs run on 95% of the computers in the world, and QT on PCs does not take advantage of native acceleration, WMV is vastly superior on 95% of the machines in the world. And if you do host videos on your website, WMV supports much higher accessibility standards, much more sophisticated DRM, and the streaming server software - is a part of the OS. To stream QT, you have to pay mucho $. And you think the iTunes movie store is good? Heck it doesn't even do HD. Who are you kidding!

2. The "Self Pity" ad.

This ad, claims that Mac is as much of a business machine as a PC, because it runs Microsoft Office. First, a little history on "How Macintosh got MS Office". Truth be told, Microsoft bailed out Apple and promised to create a mac version of office in Apple's time of need. Don't believe me? See it for yourself.

Well fine, so Mac runs Office. Bah. Does that make you much of a business machine? Well, SharePoint 2003 doesn't work worth much on Apple machines - SharePoint 2007 does - largely thanks to Microsoft. Apple has problems with Kerberos. Apple won't work with exchange - but Microsoft helped them out by adding IMAP and POP3, and well, let us not forget, the Mac Office is atleast a year, if not more, behind the Windows Office releases.

I just don't see, how Apple can thus claim that it has an equal standing on the "Office" world as a "PC" does? Sorry, but here is another baseless claim.

3. The "Accident" ad.

Apparently, some guy tripped over the PC's powercord, so the PC got hurt. The Mac doesn't have the issue because the Mac's power cord has a magnetic something, so it pops right out.

Okay credit given where it is deserved - Mac hardware looks better, and is thought through better. It isn't that I haven't seen impressive hardware ideas on the PC platform, just that Mac really does this job better.


4. The "Angel Devil" ad, or the "Work vs. Home" ad, or the "Meant for work" ad


These ads, don't really convey much. Sure they does poke fun - but doesn't really tell me anything core, it is mostly anecdotal. One thing I guess they seem to claim is "Macs are more fun and entertaining". In other words, "PCs are all about work, and Macs are more fun". Well funny, but apparently the PC is the #1 gaming platform in the world. The XBOX works a lot better with a PC than it does with a Mac. Unless of course Microsoft plays fair and makes XBOX work with a Mac. But between Apple breaking the noose loose between Windows Media player + iPod, and XBOX working on a Mac - which one do you expect first?

So, can you have more fun on a Mac than a PC? I seriously doubt. And even speaking of photos - have you seen the photo capabilities in Vista?

5. The "Trust Mac" ad, or the "Viruses" ad.


These ads talk about how PCs are more insecure than Macs. There is certainly a much higher number of malicious programs targeting the OS that runs 95% of the computers in the world. That doesn't mean in any manner that Mac is a better written OS than PC is. In fact, Vista is extremely secure, and Microsoft is extremely diligent at patching any holes that are discovered. Within security experts, it is a proven fact that PCs are indeed the most secure OS around. Mac Fanboys will argue - but that is why you are called fanboys.

Now, if you are not a Mac Fanboy, and are open to some sane reasoning, please read the below three articles -

Mac OS X Security Myth #1: Mac OS X Has Few Security Bugs
Mac OS X Security Myth #2: Nobody Attacks Mac OS X
Mac OS X Security Myth #3: Mac OS X Has More Security Designed In

The above articles are from an MS guy, but he seems to have credentials stronger than both me and you. (About Jeff Jones)

6. The "Out of the Box" ad


Now this is an interesting ad. While the claim it makes is, true. Mac is pretty much unpack and plug-in, you must look behind the scenes a bit here.

I bought a dell desktop, a dell laptop and IBM laptop last year. They were all plug and play. However, I wiped off the operating system, and re-installed it again in a way I wanted it to work. I also upgraded the video card, the hard disk, and the sound card. So, I had "choice" - something mac folks will never have. Choice drives prices down - so I paid a lot lesser than a mac fanboy did. I also get a system, exactly to my liking - which a mac fanboy must like exactly what apple shipped, because that is all he will ever get.

In short, this ad really is a win for PC over Mac. I like choice, and I am not willing to give it up for a prettier looking hardware. Apparently 95% of the world agrees with me, so fanboys unite and flame me, but sorry I just don't see your point here.

7. The "Touche" ad.

In this ad, Mac argues that he runs Mac and Windows both, so a Mac is all you need.

Now, I like Apple hardware - it looks rather nice. Sure you pay a lot, and it isn't very customizable - but, it did perk my interest when I wanted to by my second laptop. So I looked at the Macbook and MacBook pro. Here is what I found.

First, an equivalent dell or ibm was far cheaper than Mac. But I won't expound on this too much.

Let us look into the OS Claim of Mac. I looked as much as I could on Apple's website for an answer - it wasn't there, atleast not obviously displayed. You'd think, what they made an ad about, would be talked a bit more about on their website - it wasn't. So, I clicked on the "Live person" chat link, and a little chat with Nicole. See below -

  • You are chatting with Nicole, an Apple Expert
  • Hi, my name is Nicole. How may I help you today?

  • You: HI

  • You: I had a quick question regarding MacBooks running Windows

  • Nicole: I am happy to help with that.

  • You: What versions of Windows will a MacBook run? Will it run only XP or .. will it run Windows 2003, and/or Vista?

  • Nicole: One moment while I research that for you.

  • Nicole: With the assistance of Boot Camp, an Intel based Mac will have the capability to run Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

  • Nicole: The Boot Camp beta software lets you install and run Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Professional with Service Pack 2 or later, on an Intel-based Macintosh computer running Tiger 10.4.6 or later.

  • You: Thanks Nicole.

  • Nicole: You're welcome.

  • Nicole: You have a great night!

So, if I wish to run Vista, or Windows 2003, I cannot use a Mac. As it turns out, some Microsoft employee in Europe did run Vista on a Mac. So thanks to Microsoft, their incredible support and open-ness may support that configuration - but officially, Macbooks will not run Windows OS's - atleast not in their full glory. So much for the "I run windows" claim.

Now I dug a bit deeper. Apparently even the live chat on Apple's website is hosted by another website called liveperson.net. So, the asshole that I am, I started chatting to another cute chick that works for liveperson.net. Here is the chat image -

So let me get this straight. The "Chat" apple's website depends on, runs on "Windows". Oh I am not even going to point the irony in that :-).

Sorry, I get carried away - there are a lot of ads to cover, so on to the next ad.

8. The "Restarting" ad.

Just a screenshot says it all. (Also the relevant blogpost).

Sidenote: Funny screenshot story.

You see, Macs crash too. And when they do, they don't have crash dump analysis tools like the Windows OS does. AhA, Mac fanboys will argue that "Unix" does - but have you looked at the tools between Unix and Windows? And have you looked at .NET? Have you seen the industry penetration of .NET? Are you smoking crack? Thought so.

9. The iLife ad.

Here the Apple folks claim that Apple has a better choice in software than on PC. The example they choose is iLife over Calculator.

If this isn't an "In your face lie", what is. If there is any reason why PCs are more popular than Macs, is because of the wider variety of software available on a PC. So take that iLife, and put it back where it came from.

10. The "Network" ad.

Here the Apple folks claim that Apple computers network better with digital cameras than PCs do.

Apple's proposed peripheral interface was, and still is, firewire. USB was more of a PC thing. Now, take a walk at your local best buy, and see how many digital cameras, or peripherals in general carry USB, Firewire, or both. Mr. Jobs - even the iPod carries USB. And if you hadn't added USB and ported the iPod to a PC, you would not have had the most successful product in Apple's history.

11. The "Sabotage" ad

No technical facts conveyed in this ad. Maybe this is an actually honest ad for a change - a total thief & liar, is a big fan of a Mac.

12. The "Tech support" ad.

Here Mac points to the fact that iMac and iBooks have cameras built right into them.

So let us get this aside - If you did an inventory of laptops with cameras built right into them, I am sure you will end up with more choice in the PC land than the Mac land. However, as I have already said, I do give credit where it is deserved - Apple does a great job in hardware. Many things are very thought through.

13. The "Surgery" ad.

Vista is the first consumer oriented OS release in 5 years. So, would it not be silly to expect an OS of today, to work on hardware of 5 years ago? In fact, if Microsoft did scale down Vista to ancient hardware, in other words, did not take advantage of new hardware, that would be a sore mistake.

But wait a minute - vista does degrade gracefully on inferior hardware. The functionality remains unaffected, only the glitz is sacrificed.

I wanna see Leapard run on 5 year old hardware gracefully. Chances are, you will pay almost 5000 bucks for a top of the line leapard system. My dell cost about a $1000. Beat that.

14. The "Sales Pitch" ad

Oh, and the concert that Steve Jobs puts up called the Macworld is any different? Again - I just don't see the sense in this ad. Does this make a Mac any technically superior than a PC?

15. The "Counselor" ad.

This ad, hints on all the lies I clarified above, and seems to show the loathe and hatred PCs have for Macs.

So, I'm a PC user, and I have no loathe and hatred towards Mac users. But, I find it unethical that a company this big relies on a constant tirade of lies to build it's empire. You can slice and dice every MacWorld keynote and point out where Steve jobs is simply lying. In a huge manner, the Mac Fanboy crowd is sheep thinking. Apple's most, and frankly only, hugely successful product is the iPod. It is marred by an awful software called iTunes, but the iPod is quite awesome. Check out the intro video of the iPod. This is when Mac Fanboys didn't exist. Jobs is presenting to a small room, a simple projector, and as he talks about the insanely cool features of the iPod, you get a sniffle, a chuckle, maybe a clap or two. In comparison, in today's world, when a Mac fanboy following is built and is strong, Steve Jobs can take a shit, pack it in an offwhite box, and call it iShit, and these fanboys will gladly eat it with an iSpoon.

But, seriously, what is the point in banging heads with Mac fanboys who have clearly lost any ability for sane argument. These ads only appeal to an audience that is full of themselves. But do you think this attitude will get you far? I seriously doubt.

Either way, these ads are lies, and they mislead the consumer. I hope someone with more influence than me will take the onus of dispelling the myths.


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On 2/2/2007 10:53:13 PM Arnaud said ..
Excellent post, Sahil! I love your talking true, I hadn't seen this for such a long time!

On 2/3/2007 2:41:05 AM Frans Bouma said ..
"ads are lies".

Well, dude, ... DUH!. It's marketing. Marketing == lies and misleading. Apple's ads lie but so do Microsoft's ads, marketing goo and the drivel spit out by the drones who rehash every little detail in MS marketing goo as 'truth'. :)

On 2/3/2007 7:06:11 AM Mark Wisecarver said ..
The Apple ads remind me of little children bragging about how their Dad can fly, lift Choo-Choo Trains and walk through fire. The smarter children simply look and see the truth all around them.

On 2/3/2007 7:45:45 AM Eric Wise said ..
I almost blogged on this topic myself. I wonder if Apple is alienating pc geeks who might be tempted to try a mac but like me, pulled back in disgust from the FUD campaigns.

BTW, in the camera add you forgot to mention why peripheral vs built in that peripheral wins every time. If that built in camera in your mac laptop takes a shit, you have to service the whole damn screen. In the commercial the IT guy would simply come back, unplug the thing, and slap a new one on for $20 and no downtime for the pc. ;)

On 2/3/2007 7:57:30 AM Sahil Malik said ..
Thanks Arnaud.

Frans - Ads are lies? Ads that are untrue, and mislead the consumer are punishable by law. Ads shouldn't be lies. And what Microsoft ads are lies?

Mark - yeah, I agree. But, it still sucks that Apple has to LIE to sell it's computers. I wish it had a tad bit more self confidence than that.

Eric - good point. And to change the screen, you would have to take it to an apple store, which will ask for your left nut to put another screen back on.


On 2/3/2007 9:20:21 PM Anonymous said ..
I was going to respond to all your points but then I realize there isn't anything I can say to change your opinion. Thanks for collecting the videos, I love them.

On 2/3/2007 9:57:24 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Anony-mouse, if you were to make a valid point, I would want to hear them. The ones I would completely avoid paying attention to are blind mac fanboys who are beyond any rhyme or reason.

On 2/4/2007 2:20:36 AM Master William said ..
iLife comes free with all Macs.

The ability to upgrade the components on the Dell does not count as 'out of the box' experience.

"How Macintosh got Office" - you seem to forget that it made its debut on a Mac!

The Restarting ad is about restarting. Not just crashing. To say that you dont have to restart Windows as much as OSX is a lie. Way too many software installs on Windows require a restart.

Are you serious about the networking thing? Come on now. Its you who is starting to sound like a fanboy. Apple has had USB on their machines for what, 10 years? Their 'proposed' FireWire is something they push because well, its better than USB at a lot of things. Go take a look in the same store at all the camcorders and tell me which ones transfer the data via USB. You are stuck now right? Point is, I have *never* had to install a driver on the Mac, for a multitude of devices I have plugged into it. *Never*. I cant say the same thing for my Windows machine.

Re the iLife ad, sure its making fun a little, but the core point is the same. There isnt a comparable suite of digital life tools on Windows. Again, iLife is free with every Mac. If there was an alternative, Microsoft wouldnt be building a competing suite into Vista would they.

On 2/4/2007 4:50:12 PM Sahil Malik said ..
William -

I never said that the ability to upgrade a dell counts as an out of box experience. I was merely saying that the ability to upgrade (which is the opposite of out of box), is a good thing. It gives me choice - something Mac fanboys will never have.

Restarting - I don't have to restart my PC much. In fact, I restart it once, maybe in weeks.

Networking - Camcorder or digital camera, you plug them in, they just work. Apple's claim that digital cameras don't work with windows, is total lies. Now regarding "drivers" for devices in general. Yes, windows will make you install drivers for many devices (unlike apple). But the reason for that is, that windows supports an huge HUGE number of hardware platforms, so they cannot bundle the software, for every imaginable situation. Macintosh on the other hand supports a very very limited set of configurations, so they don't have to worry about a choice they don't offer.

Office made it's debut on a mac? In what - 1989? Unless Apple ships a time machine with your pretty macbook, how does that make a Mac any better than a PC today?

And finally, regarding, "Re the iLife ad, sure its making fun a little, but the core point is the same. There isnt a comparable suite of digital life tools on Windows. Again, iLife is free with every Mac. If there was an alternative, Microsoft wouldnt be building a competing suite into Vista would they." .. so you are saying that Vista has such a suite eh? :)

But what about the fact that PC has a much wider choice of software available than macs, you are not going to deny that are you?

On 2/5/2007 9:00:47 AM RJD said ..
12. Wifey's Sony TR1A laptop came with a built-in camera 2 years before Macbooks did. Hers even swivels 180-degrees so you can watch your screen and record something besides yourself.

13. Leopard won't run on a 5-year old Mac. It won't even degrade. I was a lab manager for many years, and we were all Mac. If you wanted to upgrade the OS, you had to buy the new hardware to run it.

On 2/6/2007 12:05:51 AM Mark Lambert said ..
Great point RJD. I know this will provoke righteous indignation from the Mac Holy Warriors, but Apple has a *policy* of orphaning hardware. They also have a policy of limiting what is blessed to work on their OS. This has changed a bit with OSX since OSX is NetBSD but, to be fair, with this change in portability and extensibility has come the inevitable requirement to do things like install drivers. The Mac guy who said "I never install drivers" has never installed anything. I've had to install drivers several times on my G4 OSX Mac. The process is just different so you dont necessarily perceive it as a driver install. There is no fairy magic coming out of Cupertino. You cant code an OS to support every piece of hardware that will ever be invented, so what happens is, when new hardware becomes available you either refuse to allow it to be supported on your OS, or you get software onto your OS that allows the user to access the device (drivers).

Some of the arguments Mac folks make seem to bely a fundamental lack of understanding of how both hardware and software actually function. Arguments like "its impossible to have a virus on the Mac because it was designed so securely" are just prepostrous to any security professional and cant but make you chuckle since the virus was born in UNIX (the foundation that Apple continually beats its chest for having built OSX on). Any system can be broken.

That said, I've always been a dual platform guy. My first PC was an 8088 Tandy 1000 and my first Mac was a Mac 512. Admitedly, I stopped upgrading the Mac as of my G4 dual whereas my PC is always current, but I've been intimate enough with the platform professionally and personally for 20 years now, so I think I know it well.

What I observed in all my time as a technology enthusiast and professional is that these arguments really tend to come down to splitting hairs with each side conveniently glossing over certain realities of their pet platform and, to be quite honest, the PC getting the short end of the stick. The reason the PC gets brutalized is because Mac fans tend to be near religious level fanatics armed with a full 30 year history of Apple, Jobs, Woz, Scully and the rest whereas most PC guys who are still willing to argue this are probably younger and just know that the PC certainly is not the abortion the Apple marketing machine continues to make it out to be. The famous internal Apple memo when Windows 2000 was released kind of said it all "they finally got it right". That was 7 years ago and, to be honest, NT4 was already pretty solid. Today, with XP SP2, the differences are really totally subjective and emotional. Unfortunately, the Mac camp seems to love this emotional debate. Most older PC guys, like myself, have long since left this pointless conflict behind.

On 2/6/2007 6:14:52 AM Sahil Malik said ..
Mark, RJD,

You guys are so right. I left the debate behind myself because it does come to splitting hairs. But it is these pure lies in these ads that prompted me to write this blogpost. By god, I have gotten enough hate mail from Mac fanboys already - these guys are beyond any kind of sane reasoning. Most of them claim that OS X is unbreakable (just like Oracle eh?).


On 2/6/2007 1:58:34 PM Greg said ..

Admittedly this is not a PC operating system. However, many of the things that people are talking about have been around a long time.

My question: Why do both camps insist that what they are producing is new? And by the way, most of the time you have to reboot a VMS system when someone needs to move the power cord to relocate something and you have to disconnect power to the machine (that's not once every couple of weeks, that once every 50 to 100 weeks). It might also interest you folks that one of the architects behind Windows NT came from DEC archecting VMS.

For all you programmers, intellesense is a great thing. DEC had it working on character based terminals (we didn't have windowing hardware) in 1986 (I know, I used it, it was called LSE - Language Sensitive Editor, based on their Text Processing Utility (TPU) - the editor source came with TPU [Open Source?]). In addition, they had a debugger integrated with the editor and the UI allowed you to change the window size (it was still 80x24 [or 132 if you wanted to squint], remember "we didn't have the hardware").

On 2/6/2007 4:36:14 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Greg -

I can agree with that. There is no super serious innovation going on these days in the software land - which is unlike the last 20 years. Most of what we see, is packaging, remodeling something we have already seen.

But hey, it's the Mac guys claiming they invented "Shuffle", or in Steve Jobs accept, "Inventhid shuffal". What horseshit :-/


On 2/7/2007 3:30:08 PM Rob Garrett said ..

On 2/7/2007 9:11:54 PM Antonio Chagoury said ..
Sahil, this is AWESOME!!!

I meant to blog about this exact thing - I swear - ask my wife! I keep getting pissed off each time I see those ads.

I must admit though that the latest ads about VISTA are getting more and more true. (Like the Ask for Permission one)

On 2/8/2007 2:01:02 AM Davide said ..

A great job Sahil...the observation of the Windows based chat is really exemplar...MS rules:


On 2/9/2007 3:40:21 PM Justice~! said ..
Please tell me that you're not serious about point 7. I figure you're being sarcastic because you knew what she meant, right?

On 2/11/2007 10:43:55 AM Sahil Malik said ..

I am completely serious about point 7. Apple badmouths a company's technology, but under the scenes uses it itself to run critical portions of it's website. That is like catching Saddam Hussein with 700K USD in cash.


On 3/22/2007 4:58:08 AM Michael said ..
I have often heard people say that mac is not compatible with other stuff. But I have to ask this question. How come I can open WMV files on my mac, I can open Word documents on my mac but people with windows can't open quicktime or pages or keynote? Who is not compatible? cause I don't have a problem opening anythin but windows people do?

On 2/24/2008 4:02:12 AM Norbert said ..
Michael, what you are saying is a fallacy. You can open WMV and Office files because the vast majority of the people with computers on the planet use those formats, and Micro$oft decided to share the format code with other parties, making such files compatible with their products. On the other hand, Keynote for example, was designed exclusively for the Mac (i.e. about 10% of the population). So no support for Keynote files outside Macland surpises no one. This is sure as hell not an argument for the Mac's compatibility. On the contrary.

On 9/17/2008 11:55:52 PM Enuz Atsiv said ..
Ha ha! The Mac ads are a smash! So much so that along with the failure of Vista, Microsoft is having to spend millions to "convince" users that A: Vista is good, and B: The Mac ads aren't true, but as we Mac users know (and Windows users do too deep down), they ARE true. Mac market share keeps climbing (now at around 10% in the U.S.), and Microsoft keeps dropping. I guess the halo effect from the amazingly successful iPod and iPhone are helping along with that.

On 9/23/2008 11:06:04 PM Assad said ..
I'm a PC and I love Microsoft!

On 9/24/2008 4:50:27 AM harry said ..
I use both PCs and macs, I have to use macs at work, I have a PC at home and I despise macs. On Microsoft Office 2004 on Mac, I had a lot of trouble to do something very simple (moving a table in Word). I took the file home and on Vista, it was a click and drag, over in 5 seconds. I know people who use macs at home, and they are fanboys. They never stop banging on about vista just copying OSX. The simple fact of the matter is that OSX looks good, but isn't great in any other way. Vista takes the appearance and adds software compatibility and generally makes it work. I admit, I have had problems with my PC, but everyday use Vista is way ahead.

On 9/24/2008 10:49:19 PM Darrell said ..
Do any of you guys have a Mac?

Honestly there is a difference (I'm not being sarcastic or rude--I'm a chill guy).

I think Apple should have branded themselves as the "True PC". Personals Computer. Apple was thinking-- Thinking about the new market other "PC's" created. Computers are no longer just for reports, or presentations... but for self expression. Macs are exactly that at their core. It is user friendly, and there is lots more visible control (in regards to things that matter).

It's hard to explain... I guess I have some bias because I'm a graphic designer (Adobe CS3)... I agree with Anonymous-- I can't change your minds.

Just know that Mac are all the Hoopla-- and more.

I'm sure most of Microsoft's commercials were made with a Mac.

Even those Mac conferences-- Steven Job's presentation is made in Keynote.

I use to think Microsoft had Mac with PowerPoint-- but not compared to Keynote (you have to try it).

Mac just made the better version--- sure both work!

On 12/11/2008 4:39:32 PM B said ..
So I'm really enjoying the debate going on here! I am an IT support guy, and have been an avid gamer for the past 5 years with what I would consider an above average working knowledge of Windows. I'm looking to get a laptop, and have been heavily researching Mac/Vista and hardware it comes on. I also am looking at getting into graphic design/web design and have always been aware of the "fact" that Macs just do sound and graphics better than PC. PC is a great all around OS, but for design Macs are where it's at. This is what I've always heard. I think there were some great points made in here, and while I'm at it I figure I should add my two cents:

Mac is bashing on Microsoft all the time so PC supporters cry and fanboys rejoice. Honestly, both sides need to quit crying, or keep crying because it's entertaining to folks trying to decide which way to go (like me :) ). It seems to me that if you can do everything you want to do with your system, and do it well, then the manufacturer has done their job. Macs appear to be far more intuitive for novice users, it has some really cool technology built in (dual graphics processors, glass touch pad with iPhone like multi-touch/gesture support, rock solid casing) and seems to be, overall, a well made product. Dell (I'm picking Dell as it seems to be the "best" (and by best I mean most readily available and consumer friendly) laptop manufacturer nowadays) has many, many choices for hardware configuration and seems to be able to stick more impressive hardware into their cases than Mac does. They are also a little bit cheaper, and come with what appears to be just as good technical support.

For me, I will be keeping my Windows desktop at home for gaming and running programs that don't run on a Mac, and I think I'm going to get a Mac for doing my web/graphic design and having a laptop that works well and is solid and reliable. That way I get the best of both worlds! As far as the ads go, keep em coming Apple cuz I find them entertaining, and they must hold some truth to them as it appears that some PC fanatics out there are far too serious to just sit back and get a kick out of the ads, whether the technical "truths" are valid or not. Don't get mad, laugh, it's better for the soul :)