iTunes - How to show Audiobooks under Audiobooks

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The funny thing about iTunes is, unless you buy Audiobooks from iTunes store, they insist on showing up inside of your main music library.

Making them show up inside the "Audiobooks" tab, so you can choose to synch book by book to your iPhone, is actually fairly simple.

Here are the steps -

  1. Change import format of iTunes to AAC.
  2. Select the MP3 versions of the audiobook, right click, convert to AAC.
  3. Go to windows explorer, rename the .m4a's to .m4b's. Copy them somewhere else on your disk.
  4. Delete them from iTunes library.
  5. Re-add them to your iTunes library.

Now they should show up inside the Audiobooks tab.

You can use the same technique for custom/free ringtones on an iPhone.

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Older comments..

On 6/10/2008 3:57:07 AM Sean said ..
Thanks for the tip, but this is absolutely ridiculous of APPLE. Do you have any idea what the rationale is for not allowing us to mark whatever we want as an Audiobook?

On 1/13/2009 10:04:47 AM Correction said ..
There is a much easier way. Select the tracks in your music library that are audiobooks (regardless of their file format). Right click and select "Get Info." Under the options tab>> media type>> select audiobook. Now it will appear in your audiobook playlist