SharePoint and SQL Server Reporting Services - Setup your database

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  1. SharePoint and Reporting Services - Introduction
  2. SharePoint and Reporting Services - Installation and Setup.
  3. SharePoint and Reporting Services - Setup your database.
  4. SharePoint and Reporting Services - Authoring a simple report.
  5. SharePoint and Reporting Services - Enabling end users - the report model.

Okay, you can use whatever DB you want. For a serious BI project, you probably will be dealing with bunch of OLAP concepts. I will keep these blog posts germane to SQL Server reporting services + SharePoint, and not talk about OLAP. One day, in my ample (!?) spare time, I will talk about OLAP and that working with SSRS. But rest be assured, if you already know OLAP, and you read about SharePoint + SQL Server reporting services, you can start using cubed data in your reports immediately.


To make the long story short, install Northwind from this link -

That is what I'll be usin'.

Great, with the Northwind DB installed, I am going to begin authoring reports.

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