Forms based apps with Infopath 2007

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Abstract: Sahil is probably one of the laziest guys around. He used to program hands down on assembler, but he seems to be getting lazier by the minute. In this session, he explains his latest weapon in the quest of laziness, that enables him to create compelling solutions relatively easy. Just as you would use word to author documents, excel to author spreadsheets, and powerpoint to author presentations - you could use infopath to author forms. But it's not authoring forms that is useful, it is how and where you can use them, and especially how little work have to put in to knock the shoes off your boss. Well .... come on by and find out!

When: Dec 11th 07 / Tuesday/ 7 PM

Where: SM Consulting // 1306 Concourse Drive, Suite # 200, Linthicum, MD 21090

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