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Posted on 11/19/2007 @ 1:18 PM in #Non Techie by | Feedback | 3376 views

In face of all opposition, I have long been a proponent of eBooks. Too bad the technology wasn't there.

Welcome Kindle, in certain respects it surpassed my expectations, and in certain regards it didn't meet them.

Surpassed -

  • The book buying experience by far.
  • The authoring publishing mechanism.
  • MP3 + Blog reading
  • EVDO connectability.

Didn't meet -

  • The ugly duckling form factor (please, learn from the iPhone, knock the buttons off and give us a bigger screen).
  • No color (technology limitation).
  • Content available (will get better with time).

Overall, I am thrilled. Big victory for both book readers and authors. Good job Amazon.

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On 11/20/2007 7:59:14 AM Kent Boogaart said ..
Yeah, that thing is butt-ugly. I wouldn't be caught dead with it.

What about DRM? Stuffed if I'm buying one of these things if I can't use it in an unrestricted way. And I believe color e-ink is very close, if not already here: http://www.engadget.com/2006/04/20/fujitsu-demos-color-e-ink-lcd/

On 11/20/2007 10:06:57 AM Mark Bonafe said ..
Why didn't you post my reply?

On 11/20/2007 1:11:06 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Umm .. you left a reply?

I agree, it's butt ugly.

On 11/27/2007 10:28:25 AM Peter {faa780ce-0f0a-4c28-81d2-3667b71287fd} said ..
Sahil, I think you need to make the CAPTCHA field "required" before anyone is allowed to submit a comment. I noticed on my last comment that it said "thanks for your comment"...but I had forgotten to enter the CAPTCHA text, so it didn't store my comment. So the "thanks for your comment" message is misleading.

On 11/28/2007 10:56:56 AM Sahil Malik said ..
Peter -

That might be the hard to trace bug that I've been trying to find!!!