What does MOSS WCM get you?

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People used to criticize that a Sharepointy site cannot be made to look un-sharepointy. So I've been maintaining a list of sites built on MOSS, that look NOTHING like SharePoint.

But, on a slightly broader topic, the real question is, what specific advantages does MOSS WCM bring?

I've been having this discussion with many individuals far smarter than me (Andrew Connell, Heather Solomon, Spence Harbar, Bob MixonShane Perran and Amanda Murphy) and here is what I have gathered so far:

  1. MOSS makes it far easier to put content authoring and control in hands of the business users. Building this functionality from a scratch will take forever and be cost-prohibitive.
  2. MOSS is more than a WCM. It is a rich collaborative environment, thus if someone is (and should) already using MOSS on their intranet, exposing such content to the extranet/internet and integrating with the rest of the organization's world is very easy and very very compelling.
  3. MOSS has the capability of integrating LOB data and exposing that to the internet without a single line of code
  4. MOSS WCM offers user profiling, both for content contributors and subscribers, without any code.
  5. MOSS comes with search. Enterprise search engines cost approximately 10 times more than what MOSS comes with - out of the box.
  6. MOSS WCM targets multiple devices, mobile platforms out of the box.
  7. MOSS WCM can target multiple languages, without any code and minimal overhead.
  8. MOSS allows for content and workflow authoring - with or without code.
  9. MOSS is built on .NET, and is backed by an amazing community, and the largest software powerhouse in the world.
  10. MOSS is extensible, the APIs are very open, and you will never find yourself pigeon holed into something you absolutely need, and absolutely can't get done.

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Older comments..

On 10/9/2007 10:17:28 PM Glen said ..
It is great to read your blog. However, I really get something can't get done. I need to create a series of events repeat at different time in calendar eg: 8:00 am on Monday and 2:00 pm on Friday. (need to attach this series of events to a workspace). I could achieve this goal by change the time of every each other event, which cause redundant in the database. I hope there is some other way I didn't find. :)

On 10/10/2007 7:20:43 AM mic.dan said ..
You wrote "MOSS has the capability of integrating LOB data and exposing that to the internet without a single line of code"

I guess you meant the BDC - well, it requires defining an XML file, or worse (for non-dev. people) - defining a web service.

Even with the recently released BDC Definition Editor, it's not simple at all.


On 10/10/2007 7:33:46 AM Sahil Malik said ..
Mic -

Why is the newly released BDC editor not simple?

To me it was brain dead easy.

Though I agree, before that editor things were a bit hairy.


On 10/10/2007 6:46:13 PM Brian H. Madsen said ..
I think the lesson learned here is:

"When SH says 'easy' or 'simple' we have to move up to his level of skill to understand that part"

and secondly:

"not all men are created equal"

he hehe

On 10/10/2007 7:38:17 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Man, I'd better find out who this "SH" guy is :)

On 10/11/2007 2:37:02 PM Rob Garrett said ..
WCM also promotes separation of content and presentation. Web designers can work on page layouts separate to the content experts working on page instances based off of content types. Happens a lot on the projects I manage - the content managers want nothing to do with HTML and CSS once the templates are defined.

Also, possible to use multiple page layouts per content type, so if you want more than one way to present content, you can.....

On 5/19/2008 5:58:25 PM Ram said ..

Could you differentiate between Web Content Management and a Enterprise Content Management feature.


On 9/29/2008 11:33:05 AM Jessica Painter said ..
How good is MOSS as a WCM, which sits alongside an already existing Contensis WCM?