Watch Carl Jamming!!

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You like music?

You have to check this out then -

See the funny thing is, last month, I recorded an entire DVD on MOSS in Carl's studio. So I know where the soundroom was, I know where the guitars were, I can totally recognize the red sound walls he has, and he seems to have recorded most of it at night, but I can peep out the window and see a red blinking light on the atlantic ocean in New London, CT.

Heck, I even recognize the bottle of Bourbon on his Piano. Too bad it is just as full as it was a month ago.

Interestingly, whenever I'd boot up a VM, or try something out, if I gave Carl anything > 120 seconds of "take it easy time" - EVERY SINGLE TIME - he'd go back to playing music or listening music.

It is incredible watching a guy so deep in what he likes so much.

Guys, I hope you get lucky and get to check out Carl's studio one day, and maybe even see him playing there someday, but until then - do check out his video (needs silverlight) -

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