How to fix a completely screwed up SharePoint 2007 webpart page

Posted on 10/11/2007 @ 12:50 PM in #SharePoint by | Feedback | 4308 views

Okay, you have a webpart. You threw that on your page, except that either through some misconfiguration, or lets just say, some screwed up webpart now won't even let your frickin' page render.

Okay, so if I can't edit the page, how do I fix it? How can i get rid of that stupid offending webpart that I never shudda put there in the first place? 

Here is how. Go to -


And bingo, you have a webpage that lets you delete out that offending webpart, both for shared and private views.


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On 10/11/2007 12:59:54 PM Raja said ..
if you append "?contents=1" to the default.aspx it would take you to the same maintenance page, less typing :)

On 10/11/2007 1:03:05 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Cool .. thanks Raja .. I assume that works for any Webpart page?

On 10/11/2007 1:13:37 PM Raja said ..
I think so..It worked for default.aspx and the list pages..

On 10/11/2007 3:31:03 PM AC [MVP MOSS] said ..
Yes, Raja's point works for any WPP as long as you have design rights. And on a somewhat related note, you can also get into the edit mode of any page or turn the task pane on for any page using some special JavaScript in the address bar. To make it a bit easier, I wrote a dev Feature that adds links to Site Actions to make your life easier: You can even turn on edit mode on list form pages!

On 10/11/2007 3:32:35 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Thanks Andrew, keep linking such awesome posts man!