Windows Vista - first impressions

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Earlier, I blogged about Microsoft just had a baby girl. Now that I've spent some time with her, I think I'm beginning to like her. I was worried that Vista (the baby girl), would be in my way of productivity and getting things done. I am happy to say, that I am not as worried about that anymore. Here is what I was worried about.

1. Visual Studio 2005: Contrary to my fears, I can use VS2005 very very easily and painlessly on a Vista box. I haven't run into any major issues.

2. SQL Server 2005: I never install SQL Server 2005 on my host machine anyway. Why? Because between all the instances it is running, the sqlsrvr.exe process eats up so much darned memory, that I always virtualize it anyway. Having virtualized SQL Server to a 2003 server environment, I'm happy to say that it's working out pretty good between Vista and myself.

3. Virtualization: This is a biggie to me. I was worried that the virtualization story was going to be painful. I talked to a few friends who did bite the bullet and went with Virtual Server 2005 R2 on Vista. I went one step further - I did Virtual PC 2007 Beta. Why PC? I am trying to keep my main OS as light as possible - so Virtual PC means, no IIS. And, Virtual PC 2007 Beta2, works quite well indeed on my desktop.

4. Any other programs that bitch and moan? YES. As I am working on whatever, my whole screen suddenly goes dim, and I see a security assertion box. Why? Because, Adobe updater wants to update some software on my box - HOW ANNOYING. What is interesting however though, on an older machine - Win2k3 etc. Adobe would have done, what otherwise requires security assertion, right under my nose - and I'd never know. Adobe, please write good software, c'mon - it ain't that hard.

5. What I gained from Vista? a.k.a. things I cannot live without now.

  • Gadgets - I use the weather gadget, stocks, outlook, and the clock. On my laptop, I also use CPU usage, Wifi strength, and battery strength.
  • Search integrated into the start menu. You can't imagine how productive this is. Seriously, this is truly incredible - once you learn to love it of course.
  • Win-TAB - 3d Alt Tab. Okay, it is very productive to see the windows in their full form, rather than just the name of a title window. Not to mention, you can click on any of those windows in a 3d view, and it pops it right in front of ya.
  • Automatic shadow copying, i.e. versioning of my docs - very very useful.
  • Tagging of files I save - awesome way to arrange my information.

6. What I am still struggling with:

  • I still haven't gotten used to the new windows explorer.
  • The file save->as dialog has me confused many times. Say, how do I change a drive on that dialog box?

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On 1/25/2007 11:25:03 AM Darren Kopp said ..
My most FAVORITE feature of vista (so far) is the resource monitor. Open task manager, click on the Performance tab, and then click the button that says "Resource Monitor". Good by guessing what crazy process is sucking up your net connection or what is pushing you to 80% memory that's running as svchost.exe.


On 1/25/2007 3:29:07 PM Sahil Malik said ..
No kiddin' - That is what told me that Live Desktop (Beta) was causing the most hard faults, so I closed it. (Even though hitting the "X" button simply moves it to the system tray - YUK).

Also, the resource monitor is a good way of keeping an eye on that iTunes terroristware.