Outlook Express is Dead !!

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If you have already taken the Vista plunge, you would have noted that Windows Mail (the new OE), doesn't quite do hotmail addys the way outlook express did.

So yes, I was depressed, and really the only solution was to give up my 60 hotmail addresses (which are full of spam anyway, but gave me a few freebie spam friendly email addresses).

Good news folks.

MSFT has been working on something called "Windows Live Mail Desktop".

Here's a screenshot for a taste test.

Seriously, I installed it, it's quite kick-ass.

Here are a few salient points -

  1. Pop3, Hotmail addys, IMAP support. Messages are protected with standard live features, junk mail/phishing scams are identified for you).
  2. It'll do Newsgroups
  3. It'll do news reading (RSS Feeds).
  4. It'll do Calendar/Contacts, and it all syncs it up nicely with your Outlook 2007.
  5. It'll do live spaces blog (which I personally really don't care about)
  6. Integrated with live messenger
  7. And it has live search built in on the right side, alongwith sponsored results. Frankly, those google ads - they do look ugly. This doesn't look so "in your face".
  8. Finally, all this is tied together with your primary live.com account.

First impressions - "Neat", and bu'bye Outlook Express.

Go Download.

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