DNRTV: SharePoint 2007 - Part 2

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Whew, It's online.

In this show, I talk about InfoPath Forms, Forms Server 2007, Excel Services, and KPI Reports.

Besides technology, in this show, I talk about Carl's love life. :-). I talk about how Carl Franklin, the road romeo runs into all these cute girls and takes down their phone numbers. He ran into Miguel Castro even - turned out to be a guy (or lets say, Yeti in a Tank Top - ROFL). Then he maintains a database of his dates, and then he uses the reporting facilities built into SharePoint 2007 to filter out his possible dates for today evening.

In addition, he creates a few KPI indicators in a KPI report to gauge his dating scene, and his expenses. The idea being, if either of them is green and the other is red - that is "Normal". If both are green, things are pretty darned awesome right now. But if both are red - then you're like me - bad dating scene and high expenses, i.e. things are quite shitty right now.

Go watch, for a good laugh and good learnin'.

PS: Carl & I are recording SharePoint - Part 3 tonight. This show will be aimed solely at developers. Will let ya know when that gets online. Enjoy.

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On 1/20/2008 8:32:36 AM Kieran said ..
Hey Sahil,

I've been watching your dnrtv and dnr podcasts, v good, I'm just trying to convince myself to get your new dvd ;)

I have a question about the KPI web part, rather than users having to enter manually the KPI values I was hoping to let them enter their data into a list, the idea being to stop them breaking the KPI web part! My problem though is that when using a list to drive the kpi web part it works only with totals/calculations etc.. I need to to just display some system statuses - for example:

system 1 - Online

system 2 - Offline

system 3 - Online

system 4 - Intermittent

When they add to this list, I want to display in the KPI web part another KPI item to denote the system status, I dont want it to tell me there are 4 items in the list.

Does that make sense?

Any suggestions appreciated.