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You may have noticed this on my website -


Well that's about an ADO.NET 2.0 day long bootcamp I am running in NC on July 21st.

I wanted to give a little bit more information out, so anyone planning on attending gets the most out of it.

So yes, we will be talking about ADO.NET 2.0 all day long. There will be a lot of code involved. You will probably gain the most out of this event, if you were to dive into code yourself, with your own hands, rather than being an onlooker. Therefore, I would strongly advise you to bring your own laptop, and load the following software on it -

- SQL Server 2005
- Visual Studio 2005

Also, make sure your laptop has wifi (because we will download stuff off the net, or go to websites during the talk, just as you would in an everyday work day).

Try not to load express editions if you can help it :-). Not that express editions are bad, but I am going to target the general developer population by working in non-express editions.

If you have heard me talk, you would know that I do a damn good job of it. This talk especially is about my #1 favorite topic, it will be totally worth it.

Most importantly: Make sure you get a lot of sleep before coming in. If I catch you dozing, we will probably have some fun with it. ;-)

Finally: Apress has been kind enough to send a number of copies of my book over there. They sent me an email that they would send a number of copies, so if they do show up in time, we will be giving them away. No I don't know how many copies, or if everyone will get a copy, all I know is that I got an email from them, and they were kind enough to support the event by providing free copies of my ADO.NET 2.0 book.

... and remember - July 21st. Here is more info -


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