Microsoft SharePoint: Building Office 2007 Solutions in C# 2005: Scot P. Hillier

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Here is my advice on this book –

Chapter 1, skim through – read like a story book.

Chapter 2, deal with it – it takes you through a very arduous process of setting up numerous Virtual Machines, and then walks you through setting up SharePoint 2007 in a corporate environment. Excellent rundown, but it sucked to watch progress bars over the entire weekend. However, I strongly recommend that you deal with it. Follow these steps – Do not take shortcuts. Why? Because a) You will learn a lot, and b) The rest of the book depends on it. And a strong/stern word of advice – if you get discouraged by this arduous process of setting up VMs, and put this book down – you are a bludy fool. Trust me, live through this chapter, and you won't be sorry.

Chapter 3 onwards – this book is nothing short of stellar. Precise walkthroughs, excellent explanations, and surgical thoroughness. I cannot find a reason to complain.

I wouldn't use this ticket for any book, but I'm an author. I know what it takes to write a good book. I also know when an author is writing for the resume, versus when an author truly wants to write the most definitive book on the topic.

Scot has done a stellar job of this book. I am thrilled by what he has done. Excellent book. If you want to learn SharePoint 2007 – go buy this book. You won't regret it.

Presenting Scot's book.

Disclosure: I was on the review team of this book.

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