Made some changes to my blog engine

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In a bid to finish my site at, I had one last page to finish before I could call it "done", viz. .

Now instead of writing two utilities to maintain content, I have created four new categories on my blog that will drive targeted RSS feeds to populate that section of my site.

So a fair warning: I intend to fill those sections with numerous blog posts, dating back to a fairly long time, because I am trying to centralize all my content at one place. Please pardon this one time blog spam.

Besides that, I've made some serious changes to my blog engine and how it works under the scenes, if you note any bugs, please leave me a comment and I'll fix 'em.

So over the past 2-4 hours, I have been typing code furiously and have implemented the following on my blog engine and website.

  • Categories now get automatic permalinks, so there is a page called with all my Sharepointy stuff.
  • Added relevant URL Rewriting to support permalinks on categories.
  • RSS Feeds are now targeted, though I support only But you could do, and that would give you an RSS Feed with only SharePoint posts. This is what I am going to use to drive the page. Please note: I may choose to change the URL for the targeted RSS Feeds, so I recommend subscribing to only the mainfeed at
  • Fixed my blogging engine, so it will work under minimum trust. Now I can feel secure about writing blog posts from Word 2007 and Live writer.
  • Modified to include an automated reply, and email address hiding.
  • Implemented the page. Right now, it shows no data because I haven't populated the relevant categories on my blog yet. That is coming next, so please pardon the blog spam headed your way over the next couple of days or so.

I have a couple of further ideas that I wish to implement and get done with within December. Seriously, having your own blog engine rocks!!

Wishlist Item: Here is something I have no clue on how to implement – I would love to hear any suggestions. All my images come from imageshack. Uploading each image one by one is quite arduous. Is there a programmatic way of uploading images to imageshack?

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On 12/17/2006 2:09:40 AM Keyvan Nayyeri said ..

You blog permalinks/links are double slashed after domain name:

Same is true in RSS feeds, categories and monthly archives.

On 12/17/2006 7:40:41 AM Jeff said ..
Quick google gives you a few options:

ImageShack toolbar (seems to give you explorer extensions to select multiple images and upload):

ImageShack API:

And last but not least, seems like CPAN already has something in Perl (that apparently doesn't use the ImageShack XML API -- so you can probably use perl or reverse engineer it to c#):

On 12/17/2006 9:54:08 AM Sahil Malik said ..
Hey Kevin -

Yeah that is a hard to fix, but easy to ignore bug :). I know about that issue, but is it causing any major angst? i.e. besides the fact that it is double slashed, is it causing any problem (i.e. can't bookmark it .. etc. etc?)

I'll try and look at it though, but I haven't really had any problem because of double slashes.


On 12/17/2006 9:55:23 AM Sahil Malik said ..
Jeff -

Yes, but none of those methods give you a URL back in return. What they give you is the URL of a page that contains all the URLs. Seems do-able, but doesn't seem trivial.


On 12/17/2006 11:35:09 AM Sahil Malik said ..
Kevin, I fixed the double slash issue. :)

It was a high impact change though - something could have broken somewhere. I tested it as well as I could, but if you notice anything, gimme a howler. :)

On 12/18/2006 4:21:08 AM Keyvan Nayyeri said ..
No, it shouldn't cause any problem but I just wanted to notice it.

Good fix :-)