Christmas Gift: Neat Odds'n'Ends to make your life easier

Posted on 12/28/2006 @ 1:33 PM in #Non Techie by | Feedback | 4929 views

Merry Christmas and Happy new year everyone. Here are a bunch of valuable (and hopefully lesser known) things that I find really useful and use everyday, thought I'd share 'em with you. There are a bunch of well-known odds and ends such as Slickrun/reflector etc. But everyone knows about them, so I'm gonna skip those out :-/.

Here's my small list of awesome tidbits.

1. MSDN Search: Especially useful if you use IE7. You can add MSDN as a search provider, and frankly this beats "Searching MSDN" the usual way. Get it here.
2. Windows Live search for mobile: Get localized on your phone (no seriously, it is really that good). Maps, Traffic, local listings - the whole bit. I use it all the time for traffic, and it makes 411 look so cave-manish. Get it here.
3. Firefox'ish search bar for IE 7: Y'know unlike the left wing leather panty hippie linux crowd, I'm perfectly happy with IE7. The one thing had it beat when compared to IE7 was the CTRL_F search in firefox was just so much better. Well, not anymore. Get it here. Screenshot.
4. Insert Code here - for Live Writer: I write my blog using Live writer. I used to write with Word 2007, but Live writer is turning out to be much better frankly. What kept me from moving over for so darned long, was the lack of a good way to format "code". Not anymore - some nice guy wrote an awesome plugin (but hey man, why not format the font to courier or something fixed width?). Get it here. Or even better, here is another plugin to paste directly from Visual Studio.
5. .. 's all I got man !! I don't like to clutter my life, unless it's really awesome.

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