Orcas October CTP, clearer instructions for Virtual Server R2

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Unless you’ve been sitting under a heavy rock, heavily sedated on cocaine, – you probably heard that MSFT released the Orcas CTP for October.

What they conveniently choose to forgot however were clearer instructions for Virtual Server R2 (or at least I didn’t find ‘em).  Seriously, you have a team of developers work very hard to meet a deadline, and then you don’t give clear instructions on how to set it up. :-/

Anyway, here are the instructions.

1.  Download the base Orcas image first. Go ahead and unzip/run that, so you will have two files base01.vmc and base01.vhd.

2. Next, download the various pieces of the Orcas CTP from this link. Run/Unzip this – you will see VSOct2006CTP.vhd and VSOct2006CTP.vmc.

3. Now, In your web based virtual server administrator, under the Virtual Disks group, click on “Inspect” and point the application to wherever your VSOct2006CTP.vhd is.

4. Update the parent vhd location if necessary. In my case it was at E:\<longuselesspath\Base01.vhd and I had to update it to F:\Orcas\Base01.vhd.

5. Next, Click on “Merge Virtual Hard Disk”. You can choose to merge with the parent HDD – but I created a new one – just to keep things clean. (MSFT will probably release more CTPs anyway, so I wanted to keep the base01.vhd pristine).

6. Very patiently wait for the progress bar to finish. You may see the following error message –

The parent virtual hard disk appears to have been modified without using the differencing virtual hard disk located at "F:\Orcas\VSOct2006CTP.vhd". Modifying the parent virtual hard disk may result in data corruption. It is strongly recommended that you lock the parent virtual hard disk to prevent this in the future. If you recently changed time zones on your computer, you can safely continue using this virtual hard disk.”

So I’m on EST and MSFT is on PST, so I’m guessing things are all right. Plus, I did verify on my F:\ drive that Virtual Server was workin’ overtime to create the VHD and its size was increasing every second – so it must be doing something at this point.

7. Whew. Keep waiting patiently for the merge to finish. Damn this takes a while. Go do laundry, brush your teeth, take a shower – whatever you want at this time.

8. Wow this is taking really long. Keep waiting.

9. Wow, this is like waiting for the Nintendo Wii. If I freeze myself cryogenically, maybe I’ll be able to hmm .. butters.

10. Great – once this merging stuff is done, go ahead and create a new Virtual Machine and point it to the newly created merged vhd.

11. Start it up, you would note that a killed version of Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition loads (killed = time bombed). Login using “Administrator/P2ssw0rd”.

12. Awesome – now just to make your life easier, go ahead and install the Virtual Machine addons. This will make your virtual machine a lot more usable.

Great – now you are ready to play with Orcas, the October CTP. w00T!!

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On 12/25/2006 7:04:36 PM Dmitriy said ..
Thank you for the instructions.

I couldn't log in, because Microsoft's says use "P@ssw0rd" as the password ;-))

On 12/25/2006 10:25:34 PM Sahil Malik said ..
It does? Dang !!

On 4/5/2007 1:11:15 AM nettellect said ..
i am unable to find merge open in virtual server R2 any idea ?

On 6/11/2007 11:36:11 AM HFP said ..
Thank you so much for writing these up. I was getting so frustrated as I am running 64-bit so can only run it under VS and not VPC! I'm better now. :-))

On 6/11/2007 12:56:50 PM Sahil Malik said ..
You're welcome, glad these helped!