Implementing search on a Sharepoint 2007 installation

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Okay let me start this blogpost with a customary ritual of saying, “SharePoint” = WSS + MOSS, so this post applies to both.

But search behaves differently between MOSS & WSS. The biggest difference is, WSS will search within its site collection, i.e. it can’t crawl the entire farm for you with different URLs. MOSS on the other hand can accept search rules and can be pointed to crawl, say a BDC, network location, your company website, your blog – whatever the heck you want.

Differences aside, here is how you setup searchin’ in SharePoint 2007.

1.  After you have installed SharePoint, go under Operations, and Services on the Server.

2.  Under there, start up Office SharePoint Server Search. (Getting an error when you start this?)

3.  Next, setup Shared Services for that farm.

4. Go to the Shared Services Administration website, and under there go to “Search Settings” under “Search”.

5. Under Search Settings -> Manage Content sources and Crawl Schedules. You should see a “Local Office SharePoint Server sites” setup for ya. You’d think this would do it – but no.

6. Click on that link and setup a schedule for “Full Crawl” and “Incremental Crawl”. If you want – start up a full crawl after you are done setting up this schedule.

7. You can specify other search engine criterion here – URLs to exclude in search results, various rules on following links/domains etc., the content access account (make sure this isn’t administrator – and you would have set this up anyway when you setup SharePoint server search in item #2), file types etc.

That’s it. Your search is ready to rock’n’roll. Go to your site – issue a search; should work now. J

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Older comments..

On 11/11/2006 12:04:35 AM Prashant said ..
Its a very good article for configuring search.

I have also done this by using the same steps but the problem that im facing is for full-text search of the document that i saved in any document library.

Can you please help me out in this.

The content is not getting crawled.


On 11/27/2006 2:43:24 PM Mark Kamoski said ..
Please help. We are running SharePoint 2007 Beta 2 TR. Search was working fine. Someone renamed the server. Now, we cannot get Search working again. Do you have any suggestions? Please adivse. Thank you. -- Mark Kamoski

On 11/14/2007 7:01:07 AM srividya said ..
i have a doubt in search setting in sharepoint 2007

i am configuring the search in sharepoint.

when i give any text in search box and click search it is now showing

anything and no errors.

did the following


created a shared services, but my search settings

propagation status show - Propagation not required,instead of - idle.

i don't have any seperate system for index, i have only one machine for all.

my items of index also show 0

can you please tell me what i have to do to make my search workable

with regards

Srividya S

On 4/7/2008 6:10:41 PM Brendon Pilott said ..
Thankyou for this info.

I recently had our MOSS server crash while installing a .NET service pack.

Bassically after the restart MOSS was totally dead.

I has to strip out the old .NET with a tool i found and reinstall it.

This brought MOSS back online but my search wouldnt work.

No matter how i reconfigured it, and recreted sql databases, still no go.

So i created a new SSP, started from scratch and it is all go :)

On 1/14/2010 11:03:57 AM Sami said ..

I am very new to sharepoint.

I want to configure search feature on my site.

The requirement is that search parameter should search only 3 lists on that site and return all values in that particular row.

Kindly help.