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Dangit - been busy. Got back from California this morning, leaving for Bulgaria day after tommorow, and then for Philadelphia and then for Colorado.

Hee are a few quick tips to make your travel less painful.

1. Airports with free Wifi.

2. Hotels with free Wifi. Most nicer hotels such as Hyatt, Marriott, W, etc. will charge a ghastly amount for WiFi.

3. Terminal Service to your desktop:
   a) Change the port: Change the registry key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp) from 0x00000D3D (3389) to a weird number that nobody will guess - and then punch a hole through your firewall.
    b) Connect to IPAddress/Console on a Win2k3 system to practically sit on your desktop (attach to console session).
    c) More terminal service tricks -

4. Foldershare ( : Awesome utility which keeps your life in sync. It tends to get confused though if your laptop and your other computers are in different timezones - but other than that it works quite nicely. This utility will mirror local folders on multiple computers, more or less seamlessly.

5. Access your entertainment on the road - or a slingbox.

6. Internet 2 Go using your smartphone (make sure you do this with a firewall enabled) -


.. Best investment for the road? A Pocket PC based phone - one device with data + mp3 player + email + organize my life calendar.

Couldn't do without it.

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On 10/5/2006 7:08:42 AM Jon Hassell said ..
Tell me about it. I'm about to begin another moderatly tough sequence on the road, away pretty much consecutively until the 22nd of October, and then for a couple of weeks in November as well.

Gotta agree with your Smartphone recommendation -- my 700w basically holds me together these days! Let me also throw into the ring PDANet software ( Makes up for the lack of free wi-fi (or lack of wi-fi altogether) and keeps me productive no matter where I am.

On 3/14/2007 1:19:09 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Hey Jon,

No idea when you left that comment - but awesome tip! Thanks for sharin'!