I think I'm sick of iTunes

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I'm one of those guys who encoded his first MP3 on a 486DX2 running at 66Mhz. It took about an hour for a 4 minute song, but 4 megabytes playing over 5 minutes of audio was exciting.

I'm one of those who can tell you the difference between Winamp and Wplay, and why winamp won.

I'm one of those who spent $400 on a 32MB RCA Lyra. And then another $400 on a 20GB Rio Riot.

But I must confess - I've been pretty happy with my 4G iPod 40Gigs. But I don't really like iTunes. I still feel that Winamp was the best and still is the best mp3 player of all times - and I am sorry but I think I know my Mp3 very well.

So, as I am struggling to run 2 virtual machines and iTunes on my desktop, I am anxious to see replacements. Unfortunately, nothing but iTunes works with iPod, so I think it is time to move on from an iPod as well.

I like Zune - but any news on the desktop app it will work with?

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On 10/16/2006 2:28:32 PM masthy said ..
Hey, I'm one of those guys as well! :-)

But I've found a solution for not having iTunes installed on my computer: Anapod Explorer http://www.redchairsoftware.com/anapod/ .

I know, it costs a few bucks, but not having iTunes on my computer makes it absolutely worth it! :-)

On 10/16/2006 2:30:58 PM Scott Isaacs said ..
I haven't tried it out for myself, but have you seen this?


On 10/16/2006 5:37:50 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Scott, Masthy,

The solutions you recommend are still somewhat hacky. I guess it would make sense to use them - but heck, I paid for this iPod, I don't like paying for things that make me work :). I like the aspect of iTunes that you plug an iPod in - and thats all you've gotta do; the software does everything else.

I am hoping the Zune will offer similar slickness - but we'll see.


On 10/16/2006 8:35:13 PM Eric Wise said ..
If microsoft is smart, zune will have a nice api and open itself up to any and all 3rd party player/organizer/whatever utilities.

On 10/17/2006 8:45:59 AM Jeff Schoolcraft said ..
So then don't pay for other software, http://www.yamipod.com/main/modules/home/

Lifehacker might be worth watching, they've posted a lot on alternative iPod hacks.


I've still got a Rio Karma (20GB HDD player) and the redchairsoftware package was leaps and bounds better than the Rio software.

On 10/17/2006 9:23:16 AM Dylan said ..
I just got my very first ipod yesterday (30GB Video) and installed itunes but it just can't hold anything against my configuration of winamp (memory usage, miniplayer too big, doesn't have MusicMagic Mix builtin). The newest version of winamp has support for ipod, including video. It works great - plug it in and it becomes available in the 'Portables' section of the winamp library. You can do everything here, including syncing, loading playlists, loading video etc etc. That's with the built-in plugin. There's also http://www.mlipod.com/, which has a lot more features, but I think it is better to stick with the builtin version.

There may be things I'm missing with not using ITunes, but I doubt it.

On 10/17/2006 10:39:22 AM Sahil Malik said ..

Okay you guys have convinced me that I need to look beyond iTunes, and yet possibly keep the iPod. I'm surely gonna give all this stuff a looker.


On 10/17/2006 3:54:23 PM Dylan said ..
Just wanted to add, please be careful with the winamp/ipod thing. I started out with a new ipod (no content on it) and didn't even touch itunes except to upgrade the ipod software, so there were no issues for me. However there may be issues with going from itunes to winamp and overwriting your db file etc. I don't really understand how it works.

Best place to know what's happening is here:


On 10/17/2006 8:29:42 PM Sahil Malik said ..
Aggh .. so it isn't "out of the box" afterall LOL :)

On 10/18/2006 10:35:41 PM Rajiv said ..
I have ITunes in my PC and for everywhere else I use PodPlayer.


"With Pod Player you can listen to music on your iPod from any computer you plug it into, without the need for having iTunes installed."

I have actually copied podplayer into ipod. So when I am in office with zillion apps and when I dont need yapp(yet another app) all I need to hear my tunes is to launch this tiny app. There is no installation required.