Blogging from Bulgaria - Devreach. Day 2

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Whew - so this was my day before the conference to goof off and have fun.

We checked out the Alexander Nevsky museum. Holy moly - they have stuff older than life itself over there. For instance, here is a picture of an arrowhead and various other tools from 7000 BC (Yes, it's really that old) -

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 or other really cool stuff such as this crown from sometime around the Roman times -

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Yeah you don't wanna break that crown - bet that cost a pretty penny (it's made out of gold). Perhaps the coolest thing I saw, was this room that I wished was my computer room. The picture doesn't do it justice but here it is anyway -

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 The view outside was simply gorgeous. Here is a snap of that -

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And there was a small little cafe out there, so we stopped by and had some esspresso.

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I tell ya, these guys do have good coffee.

The museum had a whole bunch of other stuff, perhaps the funniest though was the howard stern of Bulgaria LOL -

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From there, we headed over to downtown to check this cathedral out. Now if this isn't a wallpaper snap, then I don't know what is.

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Notice the road is made of yellow bricks. The sights and senses in Sofia are simply amazing. The old buildings in downtown are quite impressive. Lots of use of brick roads, wrought iron, old ornate buldings, and lots of pretty women to boot.

So after a goof off in downtown, we headed back to the hotel, and then all of us went out for dinner. Bulgarian food is simply awesome.

Well, today is when Devreach starts. I was asking the organizers yesterday more about the conference - seemingly, this is the first big paid MSFT oriented conference that has been organized here, and there has been a very significant participation. I am speaking on both days towards the end of the day, so I'm all excited.

But for now .. gotta go get ready


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