Blogging from Bulgaria - Devreach. Day 1

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Okay so, I'm burnt out. And I'm gonna blog and spend my life in mostly a non tech way for the next 4 days as a recovery phase, so I can muster up the energy to blog good stuff. I am reviewing 2 (used to be 3) books on Sharepoint 2007 - so I have plenty to blog about - just no energy left.

So instead, here are a few posts about my trip to Bulgaria at

After a long flight of being packed like a sardine in Lufthansa, I'm here. It was more tightly packed than US domestic, I tend to measure the tightness in fart-radius. If I farted - how many people would smell it? I think the US domestic is around 9 people, but Lufthansa was around 16 people (no I am not kidding - we were really tightly packed). What made it worth it was the food - shocking for an airline, but outstanding.

So I reached Munich, and went to the gate of my connecting flight. Only to see this windows error (which is a really bad sign when you don't speak the local language) -

<<Picture coming soon - took it off my camera, can't download it yet // Kann Nicth Downloaden!!>>

So I finally reached Sofia. It's a teenie weenie airport. Went to the hotel (www. - here are a couple of shots of the lobby

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I checked into the hotel room, the good news is - the hotel has everything mankind needs - TP, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Running hot water etc. The bad news is, the hotel ain't cheap - I saw a dish downstairs for like 52 Euros. WTF. The even better news however is, the cleaning ladies seem to like me - they left me a whole bunch of chocolate as they cleaned my room this morning. Here is a picture of the damage - just while I was writing this blogpost -

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Then at night, Goksin, myself, Martin and a bunch of his friends went out to this bar called Barabara. So here is one big downer - people in Europe smoke - all over the damn place. In Munich, they had designated smoking areas, but it was all the same air, so that's like wearing transparent underwear to work (whats the point - maybe a fashion statement at best). But in Bulgaria - people just smoke, no non-smoking area concept. So you can't help but smell like a forest fire.

On the good side, I think the male mind of the human species has an algorithm running inside their heads - we tend to filter out cute faces and jump from cute to cute. I tell ya - I've been hitting a divide by zero a lot lately.

Then we went for dinner. They do have the best food here - $5 eat like a pig, whats wrong with that? Goksin got some kinda pepper stuffed with cheese - OUTSTANDING, the lady in front of me (I call her God, but lets just call her Miss B) ordered the equivalent of chicken in a blanket - except only much tastier. If you've eaten the chicken wrap at costco, this is the bonzai of that - except it's glazed with sesame seeds on the outside. But seriously - bulgarian food is terribly unhealthy and simply delicious. My dish was something that ended in "troika", and it was delicious. I tasted most everything else as well.

I also learnt that if you wanted to pick a fight in Bulgaria, you walk into a crowded place and yell at the top of your lungs - "Stoichkov is gay!!". And do it while I'm not around - cuz I sure ain't savin' your ass from what follows.

Anyway - we got back at 4 AM, and I discovered that my laptop ain't chargin' cuz the plug ain't right #(@#!!$% wtf. So I woke up at around 8, got the plug and the laptop is charging merrily now.

Oh and if you're wondering, I'll be over here between now and breakfast. :-)

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Day #2 - Richard/Carl/Julie/Stephen/Ted Neward are gonna show up, and we're gonna go out a bit - this time with my camera.

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